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973 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 973 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 973 Series

973-559-9109 Anonymous
2017-09-16 21:49:10
It was some guy working for an consultancy
973-595-5693 steve
2015-06-10 16:09:06
973-603-3914 Adam Tyler
Random number that won't stop calling me.
973-603-3907 Kim
just tried to call this number and recording states that it's "out of service"
973-603-3907 Kim
missed calls.  leaves no message.
973-603-3890 new victim
I originally got a call from this number on 07/18/08 at 8:48 PM. I did not know the number so I let the machine pick up. Only got silence and the sound of the other person hanging up. Caller ID only says "New Jersey". I do not know anyone in New Jersey, cannot find any info on reverse phone number lookup (other than this is a cell #? and is based in Newark, New Jersey) so I am suspicious. Got a second call with ID "New Jersey" on 07/22/08 at 8:54 PM from a different number 973-603-3957. Not sure what to make of this now.
973-603-3890 Red
I received a call from 973-603-3890 anmd answered to silence.  After hanging up I pressed talk on my phone and my phone automatically dialed this number.  I am suspect of all things that could be part of someone's attempt at identity theft.  It has happened in the past.  I don't even know what a paging phone is.
973-603-3890 wtc
THis caller calls often from either 973-603-3890 or 603-3890.  When i answer, no one says anything.  when i call back, i get a message saying the number is not in service.
973-603-3881 rachael
calling 4 times a day.  the other end just rings.  very very annoying.  I have small children who take naps.
973-603-3881 Josh
I got one of these calls this morning on my cell phone. They left no voicemail so I tried to call back and it said out of service. 973-603-4962 was the number that called me
973-603-3881 Michigan
These calls started off as a wrong number, I see that Punjab wants to take it to the next level. They're calling from a range of numbers, all will say the same. If you call back, the message is that the number is out of service. So far the numbers have been:973-603-3840 and 603-3881 and 603-3851. After one got cursed out real bad, no one seems to be on the other end anymore. They just call 4-5 times a day now.
973-603-3880 JH
Assume it it a telemarketer. Left no message
973-603-3866 JeR
Call ID shows New JerseyTried to sell some magazines which where in box from Fedex no deliverAbout this time I hang up.
973-603-3845 Kim
No voice mail.
973-603-3838 Anon
Called this number back and got recording saying the number is not in service.
973-603-3823 Faithette
I received a call from 973-603-3823, Paging Phone NJ a couple days ago.  I live in the Pacific Northwest.  They didn't leave a message.Anyone else get calls from this number or have any idea about it?
973-603-3822 Kim
another call from 973-603-xxxx
973-603-3817 ME
I picked up and said hello, and then all of the sudden it started to ring. Rang abot 8 times, sounded like someone picked up and then went to a busy signal.
973-603-3816 L.A. Guy
Who is this? They call and don't ever leave a message.
973-603-3807 Kim
Does not leave messages.
973-603-3189 Casey
"All of our SOMEBODIES are busy helping other customers....."  Couldn't make out the SOMEBODIES.
973-603-3178 Andy
I have received several calls from this number, and it just puts me on hold and says, "All of our agents are serving other customers right now. Please continue hold and you will be transferred to the first available agent."
973-603-3155 Trixie
We have received several calls from this number, there is never a message left and caller ID just says New Jersey
973-603-3151 973-603-3151
No message. Dialed back. Got message: "Number not in service"
973-603-3134 Frank
I keep getting calls from this number and all I get is a recording telling me to wait on the line telling I will talk to the first available agent.  No agent ever comes.
973-603-3127 RedBull
973-603-3126 Chubs
They have been calling a couple of times a day now.  Caller ID also is showing up without the area code.
973-603-3126 Jman
I get the same callsbelow has heppened only 1 time. the last 20 calls are silent hangupsI recieved one of these calls and i decided to put it on speaker phone.. sat the phone down  about 2min later a voice came on "Hello this is #### with Sprint how can i help you"Someone is calling 3 way to my mobile prvider trying to get my account info. these calls started happening just after my fathers phone was stolen out of his truck.these are the numbers i am getting973-603-2945973-603-2906973-603-2928973-603-2857973-603-2971I did a lookup and they say Newark NJ, Land Line and provider "Metro Call"
973-603-3126 jw
called my cell phone also didnt leave message either other number that calls also is 973-603-3092
973-603-3126 LJ
Called my cell phone but did not leave a message.

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