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Looked Number: 9494196315 | Area Code : 949 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Mark, Sr.
Unwanted solicitation call.

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EVERYONE, pls file a complain at:
https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2its the do not call authority. They will teach these guys a lesson. I just did. Fill the box says whether this was a recorded message. donot call authorities take severe action if its recorded calls.Thanks.This is what FTC would confirm on filing a COMPLAIN:YOUR COMPLAINT HAS BEEN ACCEPTEDThank you for filing your complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry."Do not call complaints will be entered into a secure online database available to civil and criminal law enforcement agencies. While the FTC does not resolve individual consumer problems, your complaint will help the agency investigate the company, and could lead to law enforcement action."
Fresno Ca
I own my bussinesI adverftise in the phone book and the intrnetThey know were there calling but they just put on a fake accentsometimes its a female or a guy asking adult stuff this is very frustrates mesometimes i can hear people in the background talk to other people on the phoneThank You someone reply
This f**g a***ole called and said his OSHA inspector...can you believe... misrepresentation the s*** he could get in to....DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN
This number has been calling me for a number of months at least once a week with no voicemail ever being left. I never answered until this morning. No one was there. Then another call this afternoon asking to be connected to the business owner. As they were calling my private cell, I told him (Indian accent, lots of talking and background call center noise) he had the wrong number at which the call ended. If they call again, I'll just block the number on my phone.
I keep receiving calls from this number but never picked up.
We have just started receiving these calls from the same number sequences. Ours call in speaking in French and ask to speak with someone in French. They also ask dumb things like if we have Facebook or ask to speak with Celebrity names, asking for Michael Jackson. They also call us a b____ if you don't answer the question or tell them the line is recorded. They're very annoying but nothing seems to be able to be done with them. We usually just put them on hold and see how long they'll hold for. Luckily we don't have call stats here so it gives us mild satisfaction.If you don't have call stats and you don't have call quality, I highly recommend Google Translate - it has the option to translate your statements (including curse words ;)) and play them back through your computer speakers. You could have a very fun conversation with a caller this way if you were so inclined. I haven't done so yet, but I haven't put it out of my thought since they only seem to call in the evenings at our center.Hope someone shuts them down, but I doubt it will happen. Best of luck!
I get several calls a day from this number on my cell phone.  I never answer it and they never leave a message.  Getting tired of it.

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