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Looked Number: 9493179081 | Area Code : 949 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Called me at work.

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Bought it hook line n sinker. Now they have my account number as well as ssn. What do I do?
Wow, so glad I found this site.  I've been getting calls from this number since I visited Daytona Beach last summer to scatter my mom's ashes.  Totally weird.  I called and got a person who explained this was a payday loan co.  I  explained that they were calling in error as my credit is seriously perfect and I've never even been in a payday loan place.  I asked to be put on their do-not-call list but I get at least two calls a week (both hangups).  The funny thing about this is that when I called back a second time to restate the calls were in error, I got a voicemail of a person.  "Hi I'm _______ at the Daytona Beach Payday Loan Company..."  The name they give is the same name as my dead mother.  So... I just put the number in my phone directory with a photo of my mom and a distinctive ring tone that my mom would have used and now my husband and I laugh everytime they call and say "There's Mom calling from Daytona Beach again!".  I can only think they fished our phone number as we drove on a street where this store is located on our way to the beach.  Weird, eh?
Dick Gosinya
These people keep hanging up when they call my phone!!!! Idiots don't call if you are not going to say anything........................hill billy's
Keep getting calls from them.... indian accent so you know that it is a scam
This place keeps calling and hanging up. Total scam.
Some Payday Loan scam company saying I submitted an application for a payday long, totally bogus.
Called and hung up.  Been getting bogus bill collector calls all day.

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