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949 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 949 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 949 Series

949-315-0212 Jeffrey
When I answered nobody was there.
949-313-9676 Bob
Coutney Leeds trying to sell me something, left VM, didn't call back.  On do not call list.
949-313-9676 lv
Courtney Leeds trying to sell me something and I am on the do not call list for this cell ohone
949-313-9313 Lilly
Called and left no voice message.
949-313-9310 Ed
western sky
949-313-9234 Kylee
They just called me.
949-313-7752 Jessica
Loaner or scamer, we don't know which one,  but they call offering fast loans, easy loans, corporate loans, emergency cash, etc., they even send faxes and emails.
949-313-7263 South Orange County Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy services in Orange County, Californiasouthocbankruptcy.com15615 Alton Parkway #230Irvine, CA 92618
949-313-7135 britt
yeah its ryan shecklers fan phone you leave a voice message and on his website all these retarded kids are thinking he is going to call them back...out of their minds i kno!
949-313-7135 ceLLuver
this number is something for ryan sheckler but idk
949-313-7135 rgregt
some stupid kid prank calling
949-313-5889 Lew
unwanted solicitation
949-313-5889 Steve
Same deal--phone call and no one there.
949-313-5889 Don from NY
I got this call today and no one was there.  Hum..anyone else get this?
949-313-5820 P Istoff
I get calls from this number EVERYDAY! No kidding. Once a day I get a call from this number. It is a real estate type business from what I was told. A few weeks ago I was able to answer the call and the guy kept me on the phone for 42 minutes. WTF! I was asked to invest $30K or more. Now I get a call every single day. It is so annoying. Even telling them I'm not interested doesn't work. As far as I know they're affiliated with realtytrac.com
949-313-5820 Jitter
Call from 949-313-5820Missed call no msg
949-313-5820 K Kelly
An affiliated marketing company to get you into Real Estate for a several thousand dollar buy in.
949-313-5820 Mr.Okinawa
called and hung up at 03:35am.
949-313-5820 Steve
Called, I answered, and I could not understand what was said. The call lasted 10 seconds or so.
949-313-3671 Jolyn
3:31 pm today received a call-after I answered, they hung up
949-313-3671 Tina
Called my cell - I didn't answer so then my work # and hung up when I answered.
949-313-3671 sandyRED
They called AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
949-313-3671 sandyRED
I just got a call from this number. I picked up and no one there.
949-313-3671 sandyRED
They called today - when I picked up, it clicked off.
949-313-3657 CJ
A poster on this site recommended the Digitone call blocker.  Got tired of the governments inability to deal with these idiots, and politicians exempting themselves from Do Not Call, so I invested in one.  I can see these guys called me twice today, but the blocker hung up on them before my phone ever rang.  Finally peace and quiet!  It isn't cheap, but I've already gotten my moneys worth by keeping my sanity.  Highly recommended product.
949-313-3657 MJ
calls constantly and hangs up.. RUDE, must be a huge SCAM
949-313-3657 Mimi
what good does it do for a phone company to offer " call blocking"  when every other one you try to block says "we are sorry this number is not available for this service"?? who the h*ll are these people and how do to they get to decide they can't be blocked?? this is INSANE!
949-313-3657 Roger
Scammers..  beware.  I am on Do not call list and when I told them I was going to report them they hung up.
949-313-3657 J
Got called 11 times yesterday from a set of unrecognized #s (no more than 2 calls per number).  When there wasn't a hangup, it was a male with an Indian accent saying he was processing my $1500 loan application.  When I asked what name and/or address the loan application had on it, they would hang up.Played along and gave them fake data once, but they couldn't find the street in the zip code I gave them and hung up on me at that point.None of the numbers can be called.
949-313-3657 Lori
leaves no message on machine.

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