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908 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 908 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 908 Series

908-820-2755 Anonymous
2018-02-20 19:32:58
a-holes keep trying to fax my mobile
908-917-1394 Anonymous
2017-10-23 23:01:13
Rang on my cell, I did not answer... have been getting quite a few of this area code/exchange combo that are fake calls. No v/m left, I blocked.
908-704-8843 Anonymous
2017-10-14 15:44:13
Received email from Sandeep Mishra on 10/11/2017, about a job as a Administrative Assistant, not to mention the phone calls. I never applied for an Administrative Assistant with a company called RANGAM Consulting LLC. I did researched and found out this is a SCAM do not respond or call them.
908-982-1542 Lucky
Kept getting calls late at night from 908.98.1542. The person would say they are doing a survey from the Borough and would ask if I owned a small dog or pet. When asked why they needed to know, they hung up.
908-982-1458 Anon
ARSalso uses 866-888-9096 or 908-982-4005
908-982-1458 resilient
Same thing rings but no voice. Sounds like a boiler room in the background
908-982-1458 Sam
Called me but no voice when I picked up- I tried to call back but got a dial tone...
908-982-1420 Rob
Calling my house
908-982-1377 Xx
Was odd for me 'cause Portfolio called righ before they did. My guess would be that it's Portfolio recovery. Got my fax ON
908-982-1377 phonehater
never leaves a message
908-982-1377 Thor
Got called twice today.
908-982-1197 Patty
Called me 2x in one hour on my cell
908-982-1109 Kristen
Its Dell Financial
908-982-1070 Traxx
Also call from 908-982-1073
908-982-1070 Traxx
MRS Financial - Unprofessional morons.Also call from 908-982-1070
908-982-1069 cheryl lynn
left no message unknown on caller id
908-982-1069 mich
called left no message
908-982-1052 jsmith
Receive numerous calls from this number; never leaves a message; calls over and over within minutes of last attempt.
908-982-1048 Timothy
called this morning.
908-982-1045 Bill from NJ
Constant calls, but let the machine answer. No message is ever left.
908-982-1045 Jeff from NJ
this is political action call outfit...and also an outfit for local services...most of which you do not want or if you needed them you would make the call yourself to them...just call them back and tell them to place you on their do not call list.
908-982-1045 Me
You are a homo
908-982-1045 Tired of hearing you whine, do something
Boy it's like pulling teeth to get complete information on this particular forum.  If you combine the information and add some common sense, you will get a better understanding of what this is about. 1) me - 29 Jul 2009 - If you never answer the phone, most likely you will coninue to get calls from this number.  You need to find out who is calling.  As Joey from Jersey noted (without much calrity or detail) you can opt out of receving these calls.  One way is to go to the Web site he referenced, but if you answer the phone, why not tell the caller to remove you from the call list.2)Tired of answering phone - Stop answering unwanted calls by adding your name to the do not call list or as in this case, which is likely a survey, tell the caller to do it.   Political survey calls and also charitable orgs are exempt from "Do Not Call".  Many people are ignorant of this fact.  You can still ask to be removed from each org's call list when they call, and most will comply. By doing this you should get rid of 95% of unwanted from companies/orgs.
908-982-1045 me
Receive calls constantly from 908-982-1045, often several per day. I never answer.
908-982-1045 Tired of answering phone
That number just called, They asked for 3 of us ( over 18) by name.  I said they were not home can I take a message and the woman said it was voter research.
908-982-1045 Joey from Jersey
go to www.callmeyer.com to have your number removed
908-982-1045 tired
getting calls from the same number...at least 6 in the past hour.  Does anyone know who this number belongs to?
908-982-1045 tiredofnonsense
Constantly receive unwanted calls from 908-982-1045 at all hours of the day. Caller never identifies themselves and never leaves information.  The digital, internet, electronic age is showing that it too has significant problems. Tired of the nonsense and Verizon Wireless continues to offer services, assess additional rates and promising the world despite being able to address my current service and ongoing problems. Tired of it all...
908-982-0464 no number
Two calls from the number, with no one on the line. It does not even have a ring but a missed call.
908-981-7359 Angel
I keep getting phone calls from that number.

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