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User Comments for 8882232663

Continues to call my cell phone each week with a recorded message. Last week I called 18882232663 and very nicely asked to be removed. They assured me it would happen. Tonight they called me again but this time blocked the called ID - it came up as "unknown" on my iPhone. Called the 18882232663 number again and this time I was not so nice. Got the same message tonight: "I can assure you it's being taken care of but you may receive one more call and if you do just press (whatever number they told me) and it'll remove you" -- yeah, they said that last week and on tonight's message I pressed every number I could and the message continued. How do I stop this man from calling my Do Not Call List registered cell phone number?

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Mike Murdock is quite sincere, and his calls are only to invite people to his church in Texas or listento sermons via "Church by Phone," or on line.  For those who insinuate, that he is trying to get them to meet him at the airport, when he flies in, your mind is in the gutter, and what you are doing is called slander.  I, too, get the calls, and many times they are annoying.  However, if you care to listen, it can often be uplifting.  Also, note, if you want to hear a great message about Grace, then check on line oron TV and listen to Joseph Prince Ministries.  The focus of his ministry is strictly Christ Jesus.Merry Christmas to you all, and a safe and meaningful holiday to you and yours.
Same for me- calls regularly...evangelizes...wants to meet near the airport when he flies into town....just a private meeting mind you for his "special friends".  I am also on the do not call list  I will report on the donotcall site as one comment suggested.  And while nonprofits may be exempt from cold-calling, once you ask them to not call, they are required to take you off their list.  some days this idiot fills my cell's voice mail and my clients cant leave messages.
dallas tx
I have the same murdock message that keeps calling me too, yet I have no idea how they got my work cell phone number either..
got the call from this murdock man on my work cell phone. no idea how he got it but i dont care to listen to my voice messages thinking thats its some important voicemail from a customer but only to find out its some evangelist trying to come to logon to his internet church web site to hear him preach. so annoying. i didnt even listen to the whole message. once i realized what it was i just deleted it. i dont care if its non profit or not. its soliciting and i dont want them leaving messages on my cell phone which i never gave them just as much as i hate jehovah witnesses banging on my door when im trying to enjoy my weekends. im really curious how he got my number because im unlisted and ive had this phone number for 2 years, registered it with the do not call registry the same day i got the number, and this is the first time ive ever gotten any kind of solicitation on my cell phone.

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