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865 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 865 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 865 Series

865-963-0364 jennifer
2015-02-05 17:57:00
They've called twice in a row asking for the same person who I've said doesn't live here because they don't. Never state who they are with.
865-963-0364 jennifer
2015-02-05 17:56:49
They've called twice in a row asking for the same person who I've said doesn't live here because they don't. Never state who they are with.
865-987-4556 blue
text msge
865-986-6582 Whitney
We received a call yesterday.
865-986-5384 Rebecca
Calls at least every other day.
865-986-2038 Zem
callef, left noes sage.  Called back, no answer.
865-985-8282 themrs
Left vm message of song playing. Called late at night.
865-985-7900 tmpmo4
got  a message from  my3@sms.mycricket.com   regarding the same "achieve card "issue. @on my phone 1 on my broadband. even my husband got one on his t-mobile phone. from cricket!! every time they text it's yet another new number!!!! texting back does nothing ,it failes like always.
865-985-7900 Maire
Today I got a text from my1@sms.mycricket.com that read simply: Call (865) 985-7900 (Achievecard 530088 Issue) Now Cricket used to be my wireless service provider but that was over 3 years ago. So why are they contacting me now? I had no outstanding issues with them and even if I did, why wait 3 years to say something about it? I do have an account with Wells Fargo though, and over the last year or so I have gotten calls at random intervals from a recording telling me about some account I supposedly have. I always hang up, because if Wells Fargo wants to talk to me they can send an actual human to do it, not to mention they can just send me an e-mail to my online banking account which I check regularly. It's been a couple months since they've contacted me but I'm almost positive it is coming from an 865 number.
865-985-7900 ashley
Got the same text but it mine it read."Alert:W e l l s F r a r g o 4 3 4 2 5 8. For details c a l l (865)985-7900" It says Frargo not Fargo. Knew it was a scam right off the bat But i have metro pcs. And it texted my phone fro. "0275@mymetropcs.com" I will alert wells fargo and metropcs today when stores are open.
865-985-7900 tn
Same text message here at 11:20 P.M???? I dont even bank with wellsfargo and never will!!!! Scam
865-985-7900 tn
Same text message here at 11:20 P.M???? I dont even bank with wellsfargo and never will!!!! Scam
865-985-7900 nepenthe99
I also got a text message.  Called the number and got a recording asking me to enter my account number to reactivate my card.  My card is good until 3/2012 so I hung up without entering anything.  Called the 800 number on the back of my card and there's no live person working at present.  Smells like a scam to me, especially since whenever I call about my card I'm only asked to enter the last four digits.
865-985-7900 superbratt45
Me too. Just got a text. I checked my WF account online and then called Well Fargo and they said I did exactly what I should have. It's a phishing scam. They said to ignore it and call again if I get anything else in the future.
865-985-7900 Robert
The number also comes up as "Abstract Mortgage Services Inc 8524 KINGSTON PIKE Knoxville, TN"
865-985-7900 Scott
Me as well.  And I don't have any accounts with wells fargo.
865-985-7900 Robert
I got the same text just a few minutes ago. Must be a mass spam message. I got the One Data phone number as well.
865-985-7900 Aliza
me too.  just got a call.  line busy when I tried to call back.  Since when does WF work this late on a Saturday?  Tried to text them back and it would not go through.  This is who they are.One Data8035 Ray Mears BlvdKnoxville, TN 37919865-985-7900
865-985-7900 md
got a text  claiming to be wells fargo 4342-58 issue , I notice others have gotten that same issue with a different phone number I do not have a wells fargo bank account. called and got a busy signal.
865-984-3864 dragonc5
Just Info
865-984-2477 Taylor
Any ideas who this might be?
865-983-6950 Andrew
This number keeps calling.
865-983-5981 Uncle John
865-983-4672 tw
my caller ID says Maryville collection? the caller ID cuts the word collection off at colle...  And I too had a phone call from Debbie Williams.
865-983-4672 Why Me?
I received a call from 8659834672 also. I did not answer since this was to my pre-paid cell phone number that I do not give out except to family and friends. This number was not on my contacts list. As a rule, I screen any phone numbers I don't know in an attempt to ID the caller.My cell number is on the National Do not Call list, and I am debt free. There is no reason a collector should ever call me.This company does not come by phone number on any directory.
865-983-4672 helping
Debbie Williams is the callers name
865-982-7000 Brandon
Received a call from this number. Answered and they hung up.
865-982-5408 Gerry G
Linsmoor Boarding & Grooming4749 Sevierville Rd, Maryville, TN 37804-3944(865) 982-5408 ‎
865-982-1550 Morgan
left no message
865-981-5697 Chad
unknown number calling

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