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Looked Number: 8606914545 | Area Code : 860 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Ooo, had you told them to come and then reported them?  Or did they just come?I found various ads online hiring telemarketers for this Chimney cleaner company from the 203-208-8984  phone number.Hope you put a twist in their tail.

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Gary Charette
Same situation as above.  However, I sent a complaint into the Attorney Generals Officer State of Conn.  Complaining the donot call is a waste of time.  The numbers are not traceable.  However, having them show up to my home with a work crew is.
I feigned interest and asked for a number where I could reach them after getting multiple calls where my ID phone showed 691-4545.  This time they called themselves The Chimney Service (instead of Nick's Chimney Service) and gave me 203-208-8984That is a real number, an answering machine for a chimney service picks up.  If they are harassing you too, and you are on the federal no call registry, you can report the company using that number to registryhttps://www.donotcall.gov/
These people are calling for unknown reason because when you pick up they hang up.
I have been getting them too. Called back. Number not in service message.

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