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860 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 860 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 860 Series

860-739-1357 Anonymous
2018-04-10 21:19:47
Calling at work to solicit Insurance Policies.
860-759-3315 JKM
860-759-3315 Donna
If he drives a hummer he is married and a player.
860-759-3315 Melanie M.
Never answers phone calls, never returns phone calls or text messages.  I am pretty sure he is married too.
860-759-3315 Ann
This is totally incorrect. My boss has been recently assigned this number and is a great Physician. He is also a church goer and a great friend to many people.Should he sue AT&T for these people comments!!!!!
860-759-3315 Mark Nettles
This person called saying they were a medical doctor providing free medical exams to the elderly.  When I asked what his medical license number was he hung up the phone.  Total scam loser.
860-759-3315 Dorthea Johnson
This person called at 9:00 pm saying he was a local contractor looking for new clients.  Wanted to know if I needed a new roof installed on my house.  Sounded like a scam to me.
860-759-2990 Sueme
I bet you it does have something to do with Tracfone... My number was accidently ported out to a tracfone and I got it back...I've had this number now for 14 years and never had this number call me until now.... after I got my number back from the Tracfone.  Weird.... no message, but thank goodness it's not eating up any of my minutes, so it will be a nuisance if anything.
860-759-2990 Moosegramma
I've found  the same on my Tracfone.  They were no help  in helping me deleting it.
860-759-2990 Sockofit
The reason this number is in the speed dial is because it's the call number for voice mail on the tracfone, this is definately a tracfone issue. I would like to disable voice mail messaging but there is no way to do this as far as I can tell.
860-759-2990 WTF
Just bought a new Tracfone and, while setting up my Contacts,  found this number stored as my #1 Speed dial with no "Options" available making it unable to be deleted which is what I want to do.
860-759-2990 Kat
I am turning in this number with FCC and filing a complaint.  I am sick of it.
860-759-2990 Sickofit
Has anyone considered this is a ploy by the wireless provider to make you burn your minutes for nothing?? Write the FCC and file a complaint they will figure it out if enough people file against this number. This is wire fraud if this is the intent and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!I got two from this joker yesterday they are screwing with the wrong person.
860-759-2990 Carole
I did a search on this number , I paid to get the info , it said that number had 4 people associated with it, in 4 different areas in Ct. When we called that number you apparently have to put in a code to get to the right person who is on that phone.Can anyone tell me how to block these calls? My friend is on a safelink phone,
860-759-2990 Carole
I am doing this for a friend, he got several calls from this number, It is using his minutes on his safelink cell phone. The person leaves a message it is in Spanish, He has no idea who it is. Apparently many are getting calls from this number. I hope something can be done about it .I called this number from my home phone .it apparently has a mailbox, There was no outgoing message. I didn't want to leave a  message, no one answered.
860-759-2990 cc
I got a text message from this number
860-759-2990 Moosegramma
I don''t answer or anything else if I don't know the number.  Very few have  my cell number.
860-759-2990 Richard Michael
I also think Tracfone hires people to call cell numbers to burn their minutes.  I have had chucks of minutes disappear from Tracfone with this number and a few others.  I complained to tracfone and got some foreign country and to retrieve about half the minutes that were stolen I had to wait a week and change my phone number which I actually did.   They offered no explanation what happened.
860-759-2990 Kat
I keep getting this number calling me, and can't understand a word they are saying.   Going to Call Tracfone and tell them they need to stop this.
860-759-2990 Lisa
I keep getting calls from this number on my Tracfone.  I wonder if it is Tracfone trying to have me use up my minutes by having to check my message box every time I get a call from this number.
860-759-2990 Alfred
This number calls my sell phone day after day, week after week. I'm sick of it. I will have to block it.
860-759-2990 Barb
Received 5-6 calls from this #,   I want this call # blocked -- looks like a kid fooling around.  You need to investigate as a harrassing caller.
860-759-2990 Me
My phone keeps getting called by this number. It has gotten called 3 times for a total of about 2 minutes, but haas never left a voicemail. And my phone never goes off when it said it recieved the call.
860-759-2990 Ben
anytime someone called my phone and i didn't answer, the call got forwarded to another phone (not this number) and when i checked the phone forwarding settings, and it said was this number.. it's nobody i know.
860-759-2990 Susan
This number keeps calling me.....
860-759-2990 RS
This numbers calls my cell phone an average of 5 times a week. About once a week they leave a message but I can never understand what, in anything, is being said.
860-759-2990 In Vermont
Missed a call from this number.  Voicemail sounded like it might have been a kid with a tv in the background (just like JT above).
860-759-0354 B
I got two calls from this number within a few minutes.  I've had this number call before, but since I didn't know the number, I won't answer it.
860-759-0165 Kelsy
We just got a call from this number.
860-759-0154 Joey Baby
Text message with no text or pic. Just the phone number.

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