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Looked Number: 8474815193 | Area Code : 847 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Fraud Calls Reported
This numbers is calling from the same location as 307-198-4894 and as 307-546-5456, who knows if these are spoofing calls or not, but they use the same list and it sounds as if it is a computer dialing system.  On Aug 24, 2011 I received the call from 307-546-5456 and when I answered this one I did hear a few voices in the background.  Casper, WY is not huge so if everyone posts where they are from, it could help narrow down the targeted calling areas! I'm in Cheyenne, WY and we just had a report of fraud calls to people praying on family members located in foreign countries and pretending to be police officers in order to have you believe a family member is need of help.  Sounds like they are grabbing amounts of money in the $2,000 range or more just enough to sound like legitimate bail money for the family member.  Usually some story of an auto accident.  The Wyoming Attorney General is aware of it, maybe he will look into these Casper, WY callers too?  Could they be the scam artist right in the same State?
UNKNOWN caller
I also got a call from this number Starnet Inc. Arlington heights, Il. But before this I got a call from a company offering free heart scans. The call was from out of area so they dont have a number to track them down and I cannot block them either. Now I am getting calls all day. I did not know why? until I read the above. I am definitely reporting them.
I called back and its called Heartcheck America
Paul Chapman
I have the issue with them calling as well and they don't say anything when I answered, the person also named Paul Above that listed info for this company has the wrong company. I called them back and they are claiming that they are from Heartscan offering free Heart Scans at no cost. So obviously this is another telemarketing firm that has bought out Bulk Numbers and I have noticed a big trend of that happening. These companies are doing this as a loop hole in the National Do Not Call list. See what is going on is they are buying up phone numbers that have been released by the phone companies and are turning down caller ID service for each number. This way the phone company has not changed the caller ID data that is in their systems. Therefore when you get a call it appears as someone else. They are basically trying to break the law and not get caught.My advice is that if you get any calls like this keep them on the line and get as much information as you can then report their a** to the do not call web site immediately. Cause all they are trying to do is avoid fines. Let's make sure they get fined anyways and this should avoid companies from continuing this practice of bulk phone number buying to trick us.
They call every day - multiple times and the caller ID says Starnet (whatever that is).   When are they going to realize, that I'm never going to pick up??!!

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