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Looked Number: 8324607628 | Area Code : 832 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Kenr, did you ever receive the papers from them they have told me the same thing.

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I received a call from an 832 number (I am in Houston) who say they are Powell Law Office and they have papers to serve me.  After reading these posts I will NOT be contacting them.
Received a call from Powell Law Office stating that I owed a debt for a payday loan.  When I told them I would not confirm nor deny the claim, they became angry.  I asked for a letter validating the debt and he said he could only e-mail it to me.  When I insisted on a letter via the regular US Mail, he told me that they weren't going to do that and that they have already sent three letters.  When I told him that I did not receive any of the supposed three letters, he accused me of throwing them away or having the postmaster intercept them.  I told him that he has 5 days to send me a letter validating the debt.  He told me that if I knew the law so well, then I should have my attorney call them.  He yelled and screamed and told to me to shut my mouth and listen.  He said I was in serious trouble.  I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office and the BBB.

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