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Looked Number: 8183373041 | Area Code : 818 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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eventually the answer....just tell them you knowthey are a scam and are reporting them to the fbi.

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Irritated in NJ
I managed to get through and they claimed to be calling from Kevin Corbin Law Firm and I was speaking with Annie.
Irritated in NJ
I received a voice message this morning from Jack Daniels who haapened to have a very heavyy Indian accent. Saying that i or my lawyer needs to call back its very urgent and if i disregard he wishes me the best of luck as it unfolds.  I call back and speak to a woman claiming to be a lawyer direct with i believe cooper law firm and that i was being brought up on federal criminal charges for not paying back a payday loan which i didnt take out they had my ssn and home address and knew where i worked.  How is this all possible?  After reading these posts i tried calling back but keep getting a message that the mailbox is full.
I got a call on my cellphone early this morning, January 28, 2012 at 8:48am and the guy who left the message has a very heavy accent and i coul dbarely understand what he was saying. But after a few seconds of the message he stated that he was Gary Wilson but left no company name. He stated that he needs to hear from me or my retained attorney immediately. He assures that if my attorney or mr does not call him back then all he can do is wish me good luck as my situation unfolds on me. I called the number back and it keeps saying this mailbox is full to unlock the mailbox press 2. I hung up after that. There were no details of the call other than good luck and God bless and then the phone hung up...I could hear people in the background as he was talking. What should I do about this as i have never seen this number before?

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