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818 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 818 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 818 Series

818-357-2282 Anonymous
2017-10-11 23:04:20
"Steven Smith" called looking to support us with managed services. Caller has a heavy foreign accent and is calling through Skype. CID reports "Anonymous".
818-223-9494 Anonymous
2017-08-03 01:20:03
Identity thieves. Foreign operation with scamming reported in western/eastern provinces. Call the RCMP!
818-223-9494 Anonymous
2017-08-03 00:05:10
An investigator told me that this number is possibly associated with racketeers who are under investigation connected with a TCM Nigerian email scam. So better steer clear for sure of this. This is all they have at this time: international racketeers are under investigation, but they have not been caught or indicted yet. "TCM Group International Postal address: 3rd Floor Colman House King Street Maidstone Kent, ME14 1DN. My name is Frank Omen and I am the Executive Director of TCM Group International. I am writing you with regards to your stalled funds in Nigeria. TCM Group International is a member of the International Debt Collectors Association, a world-wide organization of debt collectors whose membership represents the best debt collection agencies in the world. You can feel confident that you will be afforded the best assistance possible in getting your trapped funds in Nigeria transferred into your account, regardless of the status of your funds transfer. TCM Group International, a unique global alliance of local debt collection agencies and specialized law firms, is your one-stop global shop for prompt, professional and ethical international debt collection and recovery services.With representation in over 140 countries spanning every major economic region of the globe, we are in a unique position to deliver fast, effective solutions to the complex challenges of your debt recovery problem. It may interest you to know that, TCM Group International has been given approval by the International Debt Collectors Association in collaboration with the World Bank, the IMF and the federal government of Nigeria to take over your transfer matter.Thus, TCM Group International is the only authorized by statute and mandated to pay all External debt on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Please do not be deceived by any one to thinking your funds is in their custody no matter the story.Your transfer is now beyond the competence of any agency of government, institution or any bank but it is now the prerogative of the TCM Group International . For your information, prolonged periods of weak public accountability arising from lack of sustained pressure for improved governance, as well as absence of formal institutional involvement in policy processes has made it impossible for you to receive your funds all these years. Nigeria’s external image was very poor, economic management was in chaos, and public debt was grossly mismanaged and not being met, and multiple penalties were being paid. There was an urgent national need for a comprehensive reform to restore Nigeria’s external credibility,thus,TCM Group International was mandated to centrally coordinate the management of Nigeria’s debt, which was hitherto being done by a myriad of establishments in an uncoordinated fashion. This diffused debt management strategy led to inefficiencies.The diffusion in the management of public debt in Nigeria created fundamental problems, including the following: Operational inefficiency and poor coordination; Inadequate debt data recording system and poor information flow across agencies with consequent inaccurate and incomplete debt records; extreme difficulty in the verification of creditors’ claims due to conflicting figures from the various bodies handling the debt management function;complicated and inefficient debt service arrangements, which created protracted payment procedure and often led to penalties. The consideration of these myriad problems led government to support the engagement of a relatively autonomous debt management outfit to handle all cases of trapped funds in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and others.So, it was in this manner that, the World bank and the IMF have given instruction that all foreign debt payment in Nigeria should be handled by TCM Group International and hence we are writing you with regards to your protracted funds. To reach our potentials and obligations,the World bank and the IMF has given financial and operational autonomy to TCM Group International.Thus, TCM Group International is not subject to the caprices of politicians.TCM Group Internationalshall ensure that it data provision is up-to-date and responsive in the discharge our duties. Therefore, as one of the lucky beneficiaries whose payment has been approved for immediate payment to be effected, you are therefore, requested to forward to this office: (1) Your full name and address (2) Your total fund payment/amount. (3) Your Contract Number, (if any) (4) Your designated Bank account details. (5) Your Direct /Mobile Telephone Number. (5) Your current International Passport or Driver’s License for identification I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Frank Omen"
818-381-5631 Steven Bennett
2016-03-11 19:45:35
Received unsolicited call on cellphone from "Countrywide Medical" asking if I had any back pain or other related issues. Never had any contact with this company before.
818-387-6571 Charles Lee
They are trying to tell me about the new prices and dvd titles they just got in stock - they also make their own DvD titles from what I understand
818-387-6571 rufus
Random caller... Doesnt pick up or call much, but does.
818-387-6562 Richard Hall
They are trying to tell me about the new prices and dvd titles they just got in stock - they also make their own DvD titles from what I understand
818-387-6453 Richard Hall
They are trying to tell me about the new prices and dvd titles they just got in stock - they also make their own DvD titles from what I understand
818-387-5812 anonymous
No name or message left from this number.
818-387-2968 Mitch
eppi_card JKGK alert 558851
818-386-9696 JHM
Useless baboons calling trying to scam people with a fake mortgage modification deal - same number also calls and plays a recording for credit card interest reduction.I can save them a lot of time - my mortgage has been paid off - don't bother me....
818-386-9696 Honkytonkman
Scammers wanting to collect upfront fees for a loan modification.
818-386-9696 Judy
Just got a call from this number BUT ignored it. So no idea that this call is for? Lately, lot calls from different numbers but I ignored them all. BTW, I did sign up for "Do not call" couple months ago but still.......
818-386-9036 dee
really bad solicitor; some old woman calls my job and lets the phone rings for about 1 hour straight, i know because i was on the other line and the line she called on was lit-up for about 1 hour OR SO.  i finally answer the phone and of course she only wants to ask for an exec WHICH SHE WILL NOT EVER GET A CHANCE TO SPEAK WITH, then she calls back after getting the admin and wants titles and extensions. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
818-386-8754 Paola
No message and no caller ID.
818-386-8613 Julia
Who is this from?
818-386-8315 Jennifer
When I answered nobody was there.
818-386-6304 Lucas
No message left...
818-386-6301 angry for 800
Three incoming calls per day around 8:300, 1:00pm 700;00pm, leave voice message without message.
818-386-6300 Mr. George
I had this number call me this evening between 6:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. CST (probably closer to 6:30-6:45 p.m. CST, actually)...Anyway, the caller was a guy who asked for a "Jessica"...  Not Sure why they would be asking for "Jessica" (the actual name of the person they asked for...Not my name)..Especially since I am a guy...
818-386-6300 Mr. Frustrated
this number is calling me nonstop but there is no answer when i pick up the phone but they just keep calling.
818-386-1494 Joseph
Left no message
818-385-7866 danilo victoria soriano
recomferm my flight
818-385-7866 lily
unknow area code
818-385-7817 Francisco
818-385-5949 Ashley
Keeps calling, no answer. you can hear someone on the other end. i put the phone on mute and after a few seconds they hang up.
818-385-5298 M
Got a text soliciting for nude photos
818-385-2142 mariza ness
several calls
818-385-2142 scotti b.
I too keep getting these calls, same scenario no one on the other end and when i call back the # has been disconected. April 4
818-385-2142 carly
This  number called me at least 7xs today..I'm so annoyed

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