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Looked Number: 8173720385 | Area Code : 817 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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just got it

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It's time shares
It's "Worldmark".
What is the name of this business?
Missed a call from this number. No message left. When I call the number it says it can't be completed as dialed.  Got this call on 1/25/2012...got a call the next day on 1/26 & the following day 1/27 from two other numbers that say they are disconnected when I call them. So I think all the numbers are connected. on 1/26 the call was from 408-963-6387. Caller ID just said, "California".  When I answered a man asked for my husband by name. When I asked who was calling he said just his first name. When I asked what he was calling about he said the name of some company that I can't remember now. I told him we were on the DNC list & he mocked me in a whiny voice & hung up. When I called the number back, I got the disconnected message. on 1/27 the call was from 215-672-6898 and caller ID said "Hatboro PA" When I answered I was hung up on. When I called the number back I got the disconnected message. I think these 3 numbers are all connected. Other people reported on the other numbers that they had also been rudely harassed by the callers and that they stated they were from some credit card debt consolidation company.  I will report these numbers, but it probably won't do any good!!
Clarion Inn
Received fax for pre-approved equipment credit line.  cannot find any information on them.
We got a fax from them. No 800 number. "Equipment Loans"No info on them via internet. Except this. lol
W.E.LLC/dba Dutch Cup Motel
Looks like scam. Not traceable on internet.
I  just received 2 calls and I have recieved calls from this number before, please somebody can do something, because a call back and said the phone number don't exist.?????
i think i may have been scammed!!!
they called and said i was approved i don't remember his name but how will i be able to stop this from happening??!!

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