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813 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 813 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 813 Series

813-394-7980 Anonymous
2018-05-13 22:10:32
Got a pleasent text message from this number. Nothing bad.
813-405-1496 Anonymous
2017-12-06 02:33:25
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813-362-1472 kevin
2016-06-23 21:54:16
Recorded call from this number telling me the IRS was filing lawsuits against me.Scared me at first but this is a scam attempt to sell me a service.
813-365-7099 heather gavitt
2015-02-25 13:08:52
Called twice at 12:52 AM AND 12:53 AM
813-400-1950 Sean
2015-01-31 01:31:14
Will not stop calling.... I am glad that I gave them my cell number and not my phone number.. I am reporting them.
813-398-7032 Sally
2014-12-13 15:59:57
I just got a phone call from this number from a "Steve Martin" stating I call back because I'm wanted by the US Treasury for a serious federal offense. I need with help him help me. THIS NUMBER IS A SCAM. DO NOT CALL IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
813-405-2150 PM
Same happened to me, but my question is, why would Metro text you about your /credit card/?
813-405-2150 Ivette
I received a text message on my metro phone indicating my Credit card has suspicious activity. When i called it it just prompts me to input me CC# I did not do so. Very strange the message came from 2398528528@metropcs.com but said the number for security was 813-405-2150.
813-405-1541 H P Richardson
This phone # I suspect is hosting a scam. This no# called me, reporting that I took a load a year ago, and a did not repay this loan an it was file with the attorney general and a case was being built and forwarded to the sheriff department for prosecution. I told them I knew nothing of it, an when I asked for a different person to talk to (his accent was very bad and I could not understand him, placed on hold an the same guy came back on) I asked specific information and he could not answer it ie. When was the loan taken? What was his company name. What amount, etc... Afterward he became rude, and I again asked him who HE was an WHAT company he worked for His response " I work for 911'.. 1) I was not in the the country last year being military.2) No loan was taken 3) He could not answer ANY specific information.4) When does 911 call your phone to collect a debt????Internet call tracing tells me this call came from Tampa FL. This I cant confirm. But DON'T GIVE OUT CARD INFO !!!If it is official and real, they would be able to give exact info. and provide SOMETHING factual.
813-405-1496 Kay
Anyone knows who calls from this phone number.
813-404-9647 maya
I got call twice from this number and did not leave a message.
813-404-8782 Nancy
Received a call.
813-404-7980 Tim
phone call
813-404-7626 confused
received a call from this number and it sounded like someone calling from jail. asked me to enter a credit card number to receive the call. I hung up and called the number back and it said it was not in service
813-404-7222 Shannon
The caller left no voice message.
813-404-7168 Michael Shenoda
Mike's New Construction Remodeling offers remodeling contractor, construction, handyman, electrician and general contractor in Tampa, FLAC Repair and Service, Construction, Handyman, Electrician, General Contractor
813-404-4101 John
Rec'd call ...Machine pick up ... no message.
813-404-4101 Pat
Received a call in NY, the man had a bad attitude from tampa fla, no greetings just started barking about who owned house. I don't own a house in Florida. He wanted information and I don't give out any personal information.Beware! Sounded like a scam. I hung up of course.Came here directly.
813-404-4101 racjaa
Got a call, answered and was hung up on.  Called back and verizon states the number is no longer in service.  oh sure,  well how can that be?  Verizon get it together, please, so we can track down the kooks
813-404-4101 NJ
The caller ID shows TMPA LCA C  FL.  Spoke with someone there, he said he was calling to help lower my electricity rate as part of NJ energy deregulation.  He said they were a non profit company, so they have no incentive to lie or lock us into a contract.  I asked name of power company, and he said Public Power, so I googled it and it seems like a standard energy supplier rather than a non-profit.  Some of the details he said don't add up, he said no contract, fixed rate but the company website Terms and Conditions show a 1 year contract, which automatically becomes variable for a year upon the 1 year if they don't hear from you (who ever keeps track of that?) and the rates on the website are different that what he quoted me.  He also had an old address, and blamed it on the hurricane wiping out their current "program"..
813-404-4101 NJ
Caller ID shows Verizon Wireless.  When returning the call the Verizon message says it is disconnected
813-404-4101 Ciprian, PA
813-404-4101 call me and left a strange message, when I tried to call back the message was disconected or not in service. :( ??
813-404-4101 ???
TMPA  LCA C   FL    <<< On Phone display813-404-4101Called - machine got it - leave no message
813-404-3698 Lynn
Who is calling from this number?
813-404-2216 Jordan Rottschafer
813-404-1149 ruby43
dont know who this woman is
813-403-9546 me
keeps calling
813-403-8564 Jeanette
My 12 year old recieved dirty messages from this phone at 4am!
813-403-8006 Linda
repeated calls
813-403-7475 Nicole
Me too...it's a fishing scam

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