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810 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 810 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 810 Series

810-344-4627 Chris
Got same message.  Called and reported it to my bank. Do not respond to this number.
810-344-4627 Matt
Just got a call from this number on my cell phone. I did not answer, and they did not leave a message.
810-344-4627 Joe
Same as Staci above ... a call but no message ... just as well. I dont have an account with First Credit Union either.
810-344-4627 Jim
Got a bogus automated phone call from "First Credit Union" saying my account was locked. Hmmm.. I don't have an account with First Credit Union.
810-344-4627 ISAAC GOMEZ
Hi ,recivi una llama de este numero y no pude entender the que se trata por favor de comunicarse nuevamente
810-344-4126 dowens0
I received a call from this number, whoever it was left no voice-mail...
810-342-7829 liza
michigan department of treasury which doesn't tell you much considering all of the offices under the department.
810-342-7829 jd
def Lapeer Reg Med Bill Collectors
810-342-7829 jay
I believe that it is Lapeer Regional Medical Center bill collector.
810-342-7829 Edgar
collectors, maybe...
810-342-6505 Tim
They called and left a message! It is an automated call from McLaren Medical Group
810-342-6505 jma
mclaren medical group
810-342-6505 Susan
Received 2 calls from this number and no messages left.
810-342-6505 Amy
Called and left no message
810-342-6503 called man
This number calls but does not leave a message.  I called the number back on a different phone and it stated it was McLaren Regional Medical Center. Undoubtly calling about an unpaid balance which was supposed to be paid by an insurance company - according to McLaren anyway. Now they have started chasing me for the balance instead of chasing the insurance company.  I am probably easier prey.
810-341-7300 Elizabet
Who is the owner?
810-341-2902 geno
caller says they are from F&M Bank and there is a problem with my bank account. I don't have an accoount with them.
810-341-1952 Suspicious
I also got a call from this Michigan phone number.  No message and when i called back, it said this number has been disconnected.   Don't know how to block this number in my cell, do you ?  This must be some sort of scam and they randomly dial numbers.
810-341-1952 Grumpus
They called at 5:27 p.m., left no message and when I attempted to call back I got a message saying that the number had been disconnected.
810-341-1952 Seattle
Got a call this morning and had the same message left on my phone as Chicago, glad I didn't pick up!
810-341-1952 Pepe
Got a call from this number at 9 pm. Didn't answer.
810-341-1952 Confused
did not answer, googled the area code, found this site and saw that others had received calls from the same number...
810-341-1952 pissed off person
called my cell phone time to subscribe to no call list
810-341-1952 PJ
Called my celphone but didn't leave any message.
810-341-1952 Suspicious
Where can we report this phone number ? to what agency? to stop them from calling us or others again.  I don't know how to block a number on my cell phone to prevent them from calling me again.  But to see that they have called others there must be some sort of scam going on and i hope they never call me again and my number is not recorded in their system.  Any ideas on how to protect myself ?
810-341-1952 ben
i answered, no response and the other line ended about 8 seconds later.
810-341-1952 Georigia
did not answer so called back ot was a reording it was a disconnected number ?
810-341-1952 Lori
Home security people. I tried explaining to Derrick, their sales rep that I'm an apartment dweller, he hung up on me.
810-341-1952 Chicago
same message as spamblocker"Hi. This is Ashley Martin calling on behalf of a certified non profit agency, you may recall receiving a letter stating that you've been approved to consolidate your credit card to those 1.5% interest. This is not new loan and again, you've already been approved. So in order to lower interest rates before the next billing cycle. I do need to find out what your current balance is, are, so if you could please call me with your statements ready. My number here is 1(877) 723-1421. Again, 1(877) 723-1421 and you can reach me until 10 PM. Thanks."No clue, who these people are.
810-341-1952 Dale Lynn
F*** this people!!! THIS IS A SCAM DONT ANSWER

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