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United States
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Does anyone have a valid website for this company? The websites listed go to some company in Canada dealing with investments. Also, Can these guys really take LEGAL Action or are they full of Hot Air? Thanks They call me all the time.

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I received a phone call from a JC Kam and he wanted to speak to my sister... He told me that my sister gave him this phone number to reach her.  I was curious to see why he was calling so then I asked what he wants. JC Kam then said that he is not able to release any information to me unless i get permission from my sister. I thought it was very odd that he called my house looking for my sister and my phone number is unlisted... This company is really sneaky..  I attempted to call back to see what type of company this was but a lady answered the phone and did not say what type of business they are running..
Rec'd the same service as you all did.  Got a number, no name (of person or company).  Returned the call only to receive somebody who was so rude.This guy's name was Joe Kam. Gone thru same situations as you've all been thru.  This company is so unprofessional and very, very rude.  It's a wonder it's been in business this long.....sorry for the company
Name:    Guardian Capital Management Hawaii, LLCPhone:    (808) 948-9309Address:    1580 Makaloa St Ste 920    Honolulu, HI 96814-3259Original Business Start Date:    December 2005Principal:    Mr. Kevin Shiinoki, PrincipalCustomer Contact:    Mr. Kevin Shiinoki, Principal - (808) 948-9309Entity:    Limited Liability CompanyIncorporated:    December 2005, HIType of Business:    Collection AgenciesBBB Accreditation:    This company is not a BBB Accredited business.This guy is an a***ole, he try call my house again
F*** YOU
F*** GCM.... They can take a fist and shove it up their a**.
Here we go again, this is the second phone call made to my residence since last.  These guys don't know how to do business the right way.  They were told not to call several times.  Rude, hasty messages being left on my answer machine with a treating voice from Jerry Sato.  I acknowledge the debt of 145.00 and am not working, yet they continue to harass.
Guardian Capital management Hawaii LLC1580 Makaloa Street, Suite 920Honolulu, Hawaii 96814Guardian Capital Management Hawaii LLC is a collection agency.Received several phone calls from Dave Sakamoto without stating his nature of his calls.I was finally able to contact Dave.  He stated his name and institution he worked for.  I verified my information with him while researching the company on the internet.  He spoke of a balance due from an overdraft account with Bank of Hawaii.  I stated that I knew about the debt and was unable to pay at this time and would let them know when I was able to.  I mentioned to him that I was between jobs.  He quickly responded with attitude and mentioned this matter will be handled accordingly in court and immediately hung up without closing the conversation.  I was furious and called right back.  A lady answered the phone and I immediately stated I had a very rude phone call from Dave and wanted to speak to someone other than.  Of course, no one was available so I asked to speak to Dave once again and recited to him how to use proper phone etiquette.  And I demanded to not call me again!To my dismay and their incompetence, I received a phone call today which was answered by the answer machine a Terry Kim from the same company.  I believe Terry Kim and Dave Sakamoto is the same person.  I can't wait to give them my final call and let them know how many consumer laws they have broken and that I will be contacting my uncle (attorney).  Sorry, you've messed with the wrong local!
Tita Fighter
same guy calling me..not calling em back for sure!!!
lets file a class action suit against him.apparently he is violating the law and should pay the consequences.me like an idiot i received the same message on my phone and decided to call back.and he was a f###ing @$$puka.Can a debt collector contact me any time or any place? No. A debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night, unless you agree to it. And collectors may not contact you at work if they’re told (orally or in writing) that you’re not allowed to get calls there.i pulled this up on a collection agency info site.http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtmplease check out the site it has some ono information for us people of hawaii. aloha kakou
Cheryl C
Left a message on my phone identifying himself as Dave Sakamoto.  Just said to call him back, but didn't say what company he was calling from or why he was calling.  The only thing I know for sure is that 808 is from Hawaii.  I'm not calling him back.
He calls me to does say why he's calling what a psycho. The calls r annoying.

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