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Looked Number: 8032173812 | Area Code : 803 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
State/Location/Service Provider Information :
South Carolina
City/Location/Service Provider Information :
Location Code :
Time zone :

User Comments for 8032173812

omg! i have been receiving calls from this number for the past month every morning! It's super annoying they don't say a darn thing ever!! Wthell stop calling me!!

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We have been getting a couple of calls a day from this company. The only way I know who they are is I have caller ID.They don't say "ANYTHING" If they would talk maybe I could figure out what is going on.Who are they? What do they want??
This phone number calls all the time but no one talks.
what kind of idiots work there.....how do you collect from clients when you do not leave a message , you hang up when they answer. I GUESS IT'S THE OLE WE'LL GET EM WHEN THEY CALL US BACK TO FIND OUT WHO CALLED THEM....NOT. Idiots, good luck collecting from me, if you don't have the decency to answer when I say hello.
didn't answer
It must be a collection agency, though why an upstate utility company would use someone out of the 864 area code is beyond me. Maybe they want to run up your other bills...
rick c
As the others above, I am receiving constant calls from this number, and if I answer, there is dead air, they hung up.  Lately they call and the phone only rings 2-3 times then they hang up.  This is very frustrating and I want it to stop.  Thank you.
Selisa Ramsey
They will call and hang up when you answer.
Mary Lundberg
I have't a clue why they are calling me from this # when I answer the phone no one is there. I just got his Phone # about a month ago. They may be wanting the person that had the # before but I do not want them calling this #. It is also on a no call list
I get a call every morning at the same time from 803-217-3812 or the last digit 2,3 or 4.  When I answer there is dead air.  How do I get it to stop?

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