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801 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 801 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 801 Series

801-461-5023 Anonymous
2018-08-22 05:51:38
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801-424-0018 Anonymous
2018-05-06 20:37:17
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801-437-4995 Anonymous
2017-11-29 19:38:55
The caller was a woman who seemed a little fishy and was trying to get a hold of my son. She sounded surprised when I said that I was his mother. She did not expect to hear from me. When i asked how I could help, she said it was regard to a personal matter. And that if I did not have good number for him that have him contact her. My gut says that there is something fishy about this caller.
801-963-1702 Anonymous
2017-10-03 23:32:26
Been calling me a lot. sometimes messages sometimes not. They say they are calling to finalize our local yellow pages add ? Their number is NOT toll free. Scammers
801-436-6841 Anonymous
2017-08-17 09:11:30
A friend received a text from this number saying that her boyfriend was cheating on him. Neither the girl or boyfriend know who this number belongs to.
801-928-7060 Ed
2016-09-19 22:40:07
Telemarketer selling business referrals.
801-902-7000 Name
2015-03-11 16:01:42
The people who are coming on here and leaving messages saying that these calls are legitimately from Discover are lying. They are part of the scam. They know people come on here and report these calls, and they are hoping you will read their messages and not suspect the true nature of their calls - which is to talk you into giving up personal info over the phone to a bunch of fat losers sitting at home trying to drum up money to buy drugs.
801-412-3125 CK Rob
2015-01-01 06:43:47
Got a call on my cell, asking for my estranged father. She had my name already, but asked for no details or extra information.
801-509-8703 Pete
Some douche calling about lowering interest rates.
801-509-4484 Sally Sue
Called ID says CHILD LON801 area code is SLC. I do NOT know anyone from SLC, or utah. who is this??!!!
801-509-1523 Josuah
The caller did not leave a message.
801-508-7593 Strang Excavating, Inc.
Strang Excavating offers a wide variety of rock materials for all your landscaping and building needs. From topsoil to boulders our products are competitively priced and are available for deliveryExcavating Contractors, Commercial Excavator, Sand and Gravel, Topsoil, Excavating Contractor
801-508-4757 Kylie
Keep getting this number on my cell phone.
801-508-1711 pronomey
somebody keeps calling from this phone and they don't answer, they just there in the phone speaker without talking, they don't who it is. After a few seconds they just hang up without saying a word. I think they are collectors of some sort.
801-507-9999 Todd
Called my mobile phone.
801-506-7475 BR
these people keep calling from different numbers but always the same caller ID Salt Lake City UT
801-505-9986 Nicky
This number called me asking for a random guys name at least once or twice. Strange.
801-505-9964 Saggy
This guys are scammmm threating me , asking for ransom trying to take money out of me .. but i havent provided any thing to this .tellling that they are from payday loan, but never had a payday loan in my life.... dont give them anything ... they were asking for the card info, verifiying my checking and routing no as well, but i denied and reported to FBI,BBB,Fedral trade commision as well.. state attorney general office as well
801-505-9964 CAMILLA
LOL!Yes!!!!!!They won't stop calling me at my job!  I am so sick of the calls.  I have caller ID at work so I won't pick up for this number any longer.
801-505-9964 F**s doing f**gy things
Its just a scam...dont give them your bank account number because these homo's will wipe you out...they already have wiped me out one time, but luckily since they didnt have authorization, the bank reversed the charges.  DONT TELL THEM ANYTHING...hang up and change your number
801-505-9964 What the Hell
Someone from this number keeps calling me in regards to a friends Debt. They state that My number was listed as a reference. Yet when asked to prove that they declined. They never address me by name always by my friends. I have asked them to take my number off. Yet they still call me almost daily. How did these poeple get my number? How can I get them to stop calling Me... I OWE THEM NOTHING !!!!!
801-505-9964 Felecia Erwin
I have been constantly receiving calls from this number at my work place.  I need to know how can I stop these calls.  It is really embarrassing.
801-505-9964 Me in Virginia
Just took a message from this # for one of my coworkers.  When I asked if the call was business or personal, she said "business".  I asked her if she meant PERSONAL business and she said 'yes'.  I told her that employees cannot receive personal calls at this # and she asked to leave a message. I told her that I had a busy switchboard but would take her info ONE TIME (just to see what she tells me).  She said her name was Alicia and she was with First National Services.  The callback # she left is 800-654-7444 x838.
801-505-9964 JANNET MENA
I have a Bankruptcy attorney handling anything that has to do with my debts and unfortunately these guys do not get it. They call my job at all times and are constantly harrassing me....this is becoming a problem. I will let my attorney know and if there is anything that can be done to make them stop I will do everything that I can.
801-505-9964 CAMILLA
Thanks for the information.They are calling my job day and night but never leaves a message.  When I did answer the phone twice they were very nasty said I owed money and threatened to have my wages garnished.  I know that this can be done without a court order.  Would the local authorities be able to assist with this issue?
801-505-9964 Not a Valid Licensed Lender in Utah
This company is not a valid licensed lender in Utah and most likely not in your state.  Therefore, any contracts are unenforceable.  Check with your state attorney general or banking department to verify.  Most likely, they are the ones who are "out of luck".
801-505-9964 Annoyed
Low life woman called and called the girl who answers the phone a swear because I wasnt working that day. My guess is these people are given free reign to say what they want and collect a comission if they get our bank info.
801-505-9964 not a slacker
why do they have to kleave message cant you sue them for calling
801-505-9964 Nevers leaves a message
My guess is that they violate the FDCPA so much they wont leave messages anymore for fear of being sued...I just keep waiting because the minute they leave me a message its going to be $1000 in my pocket..so go on, violate my rights, leave me a message...Im waiting!
801-505-9964 KHALID
THESE PEOPLE ARE HA LARRY OUS! SERIOUSLY! Done shouting Shut em Down!!!!!

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