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User Comments for 8009448079

Called this number back when it showed up on my call display (I know, I know) and it was still Dell.

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I got a call on the 800-944-8079 yesterday.  It appeared to be a collection agency wishing to talk to me about an overdue account I have with my ex-bank.  There was actually a message with a call back number ....figured it was a scam call, didn't call back.
Mike said, "...whats the point of calling people only to let the phone ring just once or twice and hanging up..."Mike,It is called "predictive dialing".  Here is an oversimplified explanation of how it works.Let's say you have 5 operators handling calls.  And assume that out of every 30 numbers dialed, you get 5 answers.  So what you do is dial 30 numbers at a time.  The first five answers get connected to one of the operators.  Once all of the operators have someone to talk to, the other calls get dumped.  That is what causes all of these "no one there" calls.  It stinks, but it is a very common practice.
Also, whats the point of calling people only to let the phone ring just once or twice and hanging up, just to be a pain in the @ss?..That's all I ever get from this # before I even have a chance to see who it is it goes almost immediately to missed call. I have added it to my reject list.
Claimed to be from Dell, to offer a promotional 3yr warranty extension on my computer. Reception was poor. Customer Service Rep was rude and pushy. She refused to accept my refusal to purchase. She could not, or would not, provide proof she was from Dell. I finally told her that due to her unknown identity I would not purchase, and hung up (while she continued trying to make the sale). If this IS Dell, they'd be wise to find other representatives. It has the smell of SCAM all over it.
Many calls from 1 800 944 8079, never anyone on the line, never leaves a message, I will not answer again.

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