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If it bothers you so much with annoying calls, pay your bill!It is money YOU owe. Don't blame them because you are a deadbeat, take some responsibility for your actions

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I have gotten this number now for about 2 weeks, calling every 3 hours...so FRUSTRATING!
Yes this is GE Money Bank, which also uses the number  937-534-2092, which are numbers originating in Florida which is where the monthly statements come from.   GE Bank is one of the Banks that gives businesses promotions for their customers at zero % interest, but all the interest for the entire amount is charged if the balance is not paid off in one year.  Rarely does the salesman present all the facts about this account since they are more interested in making the sale.   One can only wonder what kind of additional incentives they are receiving from GE Bank.l Your account may have initially had another name which then got changed to GE Bank, ours did.  The salespeople clearly have an interest here to help them make their sales and dont tell you important facts that the interest rate is 29.9% !, ...that this is more like a credit card company (the monthly statements are the same and this is an opened account not a one time promotion), that the HQ is or was based in Thailand, that the monthly payments minimum on the statements couldn't possibly pay off the amount before the 1 yeaq is up.   The salesmen dont tell you that this is really more like a credit card and that the interest amount is 29.9%.Talking to a representative doesnt get you anywhere since they have little authority and are reading off a script and are probably totally unaware of how the person got pulled into such a bad promotion and misleading contract.    The representative we talked to said that they would cut the final interest payment in half!!! if we paid that amount, which is still exorbitant for a very small balance that may have crossed their 12 month deadline (which they clearly want you to miss).   This is equivalent to a thief who says if he gives you half of the stolen items back only if  you wont have them arrested.   When you tell the representative to close the account they warn you that this is permanent.   This is ridiculous, since you didn't want an account to start with, and clearly from a company, whose representatives dont tell you all the facts  especially the 29.9% interest rate.   Clearly the attorney general, better business bureau, etc need to be notified of them scam.   As I see it there is no contract with this company since it was not represented completely at the start.  If the facts were presented I would expected that almost every customer would use their creditg card or checking account instead of getting involved with this unscrupulous company.We paid off the total balance by month 13, and have not intention of paying off the interest charged for a year on the opening amount which would be about 30% more.
GE money Bank
They are the ones who finance medical procedures, dentists, elective surgery etc.  Probably a late payment.
tommy cruse
they use an automated calling serice...a machine to do the calling. you didn't cause any anger to them. they are people who make out going calls all day. they do not receive in going calls unless the machine tells them to pick up. it's a call center.
I get them even though I`ve made my payment close to the due date but I just call the aNd push the buttuns that gets me to their reps and then I let the phone sit there with dead air and I do it repeatedly after two days of they quite calling me for for months guess they got sick of seeing my number calling them anf tyin up their lines over n over I do it with all the annoying numbers that call me it works great!
tommy cruse
change your bank account to a new one and pay them through that account. do not allow automatic withdrawl.

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