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787 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 787 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 787 Series

787-999-9896 Patdecochon
J'ai aujourd'hui recu cet appel sur mon cellulaire. Je n'avais pas vu la provenance sur mon afficheur. C'était un message enregistré en provenance de Puerto Rico et ca parlait en espagnol. J'ai compris de peser sur le 1... Ca ressemble à rien de bon. Évidemment, j'ai raccroché.
787-999-9876 random
got it 5:23 am dec 13th in ottawa
787-999-9876 jean-claude
j ai eu ce messache ousi(787) 999-9876
787-999-9876 Cindeye
I also had that call at 4h30 this morning...  Didn't answer too... What's the point ??? Do someone knows how we could stop that ?
787-999-9876 Mehek
i recieved a call from this number @4;30 AM i was like who the hell is the caller.
787-999-9876 DeeDee
i got a call from the same number early this morning
787-999-9876 Kazon
I got a call from 787-999-9876 on Dec 13th, 2007 at 5:45 AM.  No messages were deposited in my voice mailbox.  Reverse look up wasn't very concluent:  I found out the call was placed from San Juan in Puerto-Rico.  No name were registered to that number but I was offerd for $14.95 to get all information about the number.  I'm located in Montreal, Canada.
787-999-9876 _oupss_
i received the call to a 4h30 am  dec 13.. i live in mtl
787-999-9876 m
same thhing...4am this morning...montreal
787-999-9876 cc
I'm in Montreal, too, and I keep getting calls from both of those numbers.  One at 5 o'clock this morning!
787-999-9876 pappillon22
i got the exact same call at 4:30 this morning! i'm in montreal
787-999-9876 Véronic
Same thing... from same number at 4:45 this morning !
787-999-9876 Here too
Got a call from the same 787 number at 6:15 this morning and 2 weeks ago from 248 number and last week from 903. Does anyone know what can be done. The 903 looks like a calling card company when I do a reverse look up. Montreal here.
787-999-9876 Norris
This 1-787-999-9876 number called me at 6:30 this morning, and I'm in Northern Ontario. Half-asleep, I called it back and got the same recording.  Thing is a couple weeks ago a strange number also called me and upon calling that one back I heard nearly the same message (number was 12489977626)
787-999-9876 Me too
I got the same call today, December 13th, 5 a.m. (the f*#kers!), I'm in Montreal.
787-999-9876 manach
Same here, at 5h45 AM
787-999-9876 ACR
I also was called from that number at 4:20 AM!! I'm in montreal.I've been getting weird calls from 903-781-5977.I know that number is listed on this site but I was wondering if anyone is getting called by both numbers....
787-999-9876 sly
received one at 4:30 this morning.....i live in montreal....no message...
787-999-9876 Brett
I just received a call from the same number and I have an 801 area code (Utah.)  I did not answer, but received no message.  Weird??
787-999-9876 Goodnight
Just got a missed call on my cell phone from this number on December 12th at 7:50 P.M.  I live in New York.
787-999-9876 Brittany
Hi everyone I also recieved a call from 787-999-9876, I never answered my phone either. I looked the area code up on the internet, it was Puerto Rico I don't know anyone from there either. My sister also recieved that call 3 days ago. I called the number back it was in spanish, so I pressed 1 and then I pressed 2, she said to call customer service at 611, that part she said in English. Hope someone can get to the bottom of this.By the way my area code is 435 which is Utah.
787-999-9876 Sam
I had that call a few minutes ago.
787-999-9876 Lu
Have missed call on cell phone, when call back it was Spanish speaking recording
787-999-7189 SergioU9D9
me too. I receve to Call from this phone number and Hang up. I want to know how is this joker.
787-999-6221 Raider
Its From Santander Puerto Rico. Probably you owe them money
787-999-6221 Pidalid
I am receiving calls from 787-999-6221 and 787-625-2082 ( 6 on Friday, 4 yesterday and 5 today) and no one is there when I answer.
787-999-6221 gues
Apparently it's the Santander's collection dept. If you have a loan or a payment, they're probably calling you to remind you to pay. I guess the machine's broken, because no one answers when I pick up.
787-999-6221 arti
Got a call from this number. No message left, and no one talk. It not appear on any directory, neither searching reverse lookup. I called back from another phone and resulted on a COLLECTION DEPARTMENT FOR SANTANDER BANK IN PUERTO RICO.
787-999-5300 Trick
frgjfkgkfhgkjvkfbvkf jkfgfjkgfkdjghkfghkjf kjfgkfjghdfjkghfkdjg dunno who it is
787-999-4402 Mrs. Rivera
Call no talk i call back and said the number your dial is not available.3rd call received; no msgs were leftOffers a mastercard

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