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Looked Number: 7758298885 | Area Code : 775 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Carson City
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User Comments for 7758298885

Got a call on my cell pone at 7:52 pm that hung up after only a few rings. No message was left. Tried to call back and got a very general message giving business hours of 8-5 (very strange since it's after business hours). Also said to call 911 if it was an emergency so I automatically think it's somehow medically related. I don't have Blue Shield as other people have mentioned. Oh well.

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Just got off the phone with a Blue Shield representative (at the number on my insurance card). She told me the company DOES contract with Alere. Blue Shield offers at no additional charge (that's a shocker!) some personalized care/treatment/information for clients with chronic or long-term conditions. This James Barnett fellow does not have access to Blue Shield's data base, which is why he asks questions about things you would think he could see on his computer. So she said that the call was not a scam after all.
I got a call from the number as well. It is in the same area code as someone I know, and I answered. They said that they wanted to enroll my husband who is on my health plan for a diabetes program through Blue Shield. I told them I didn't know, but if he was interested I could have him call back. They said no, that's ok, they would call again. So, I am guessing it was a scam.However, I did just get real mail from Blue Shield talking about enrolling in their diabetes program and I called Blue Shield and its legit. So who knows...very suspicious that they wouldn't give me their number though!
Dee P.
I received several calls from this number and never got a message or a name with the number. I had a feeling it wasn't anyone I knew. So I Googled the number and read about how that very same number that called me was a scam number, and how other people got the same phone call. Very annoying.
Got a phone call early this morning, from a woman claiming to be from united way, wanted to talked to my husband, my first thoughts were "wouldn't they be calling from a local number?" .... BUSTED
They let the phone ring 30 times so I finally answered it. There just phishing for information.

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