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775 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 775 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 775 Series

775-997-9403 Lucas
Received a call on landline.
775-997-2698 BellaLuna75
I have received a text message from wfg1@sms.mycricket.com telling me I have to call this number for a Wells Fargo account issue.  They sent this phishing text to the wrong gal because I work for Wells Fargo in their fraud group, lol.  They are also sending out texts from wfg@sms.mycicket.com asking you to call 402-316-4346 as well.  If you call the number it is an automated system asking for you to put in your debit / credit card number and a lot of other personal information to unlock your "restricted" card.  Please remember Wells Fargo, or any other bank / broker dealer, would NEVER send you a text or make you verify info like this without speaking to a live representative.  This is one of the poorest cases of spam I have seen in a while, (mycricket? Really???), but people still fall for it.  If you get this text or any other spam feel free to call Wells Fargo directly and report it.
775-997-2664 So Annoying!
Answered the call...as soon as they said 'this is a message for...YOU' I was on to them.  Said my has been approved, I hung up promptly.
775-997-2664 nancy
I'm also on the no call list but got one anyway from this number - annoying scam.
775-997-2664 Skyhawk8113
Just got the same call, "deposit for your account press zero, or press 9 to removed from this list". BS I'm sure. I too am on the no call list. This number needs reported to the no call list. No business name was revealed. Gave me number to call back 888-400-3471.
775-997-2664 remove from list
received call from this number also asking me to press 0 to complete loan application - I did not apply for any such loan.  Was not able to get company name.  I also filed complaint with national do not call registry.
775-997-2664 Pissed off
Received a call from this number asking me to press 0 to complete a loan application. I have never applied for a loan. Just filed a complaint with the national do not call registry at donotcall.gov
775-997-2664 Rayne
Just got the call, ugh. How did they get my number?
775-997-2664 doug
didn't answer just phone number came up this is my cell and if I don't see a # I know I just don't answer then look up the # on the computer, it does no good to be put on a DO NOT CALL LIST, as it does no good. one reason I got rid of home phone.
775-997-2664 Will
I thought I heard "press 9" to be removed from their list.  Hope it works.  I use a pre-paid plan and it costs me a lot of money to listen to these bogus messages.  I wish people would understand.  If I notice the same number more than once, I won't mess with it, but I don't remember seeing that one before.
775-997-2664 Kyle
Pretty much the same info and message as the other posts on here...I pressed the "9" to talk to the "loan specialist" for more info, but the call did not go through.  It sure sounds like the same sort of pitch that I get on the land line phone from "Credit Services"...also a bogus outfit..
775-997-2664 Eek
Just got a message from this number--didn't answer the call since I didn't recognize the number.  The message was about putting money into a bank account within the next 48 hours--it was choppy so I didn't get the entire message.  A woman's voice came over the recording as well telling me to call 888-400-3471 for more info.  I am going to call my bank to verify my account it ok!  Weird, and beware!  No legitimate company or agency was identified in the call.
775-997-2664 DREW
Just got the call, same stuff, more info needed to deposit loan in my acct. BS. scary. gave this # to call back 888-400-3471
775-997-2664 DREW
Just got the call, same stuff, more info needed to deposit loan in my acct. BS. scary.
775-997-2664 Lindsey
I got this same call too "confirming a deposit".. The voicemail cut off but I could tell that much. Lame.
775-997-2664 contributer
received a call from this number today. she said they were calling about an incomplete application for a cash advance that I had filed. complete BS, just some scam artists fishing for personal information.
775-997-2664 No one
Automated recording saying that I should press 0 because they had money for me from a loan and they needed information on my bank account to send funds
775-997-2664 JGMadtown
Just got the call.  Recorded message about some bogus loan application.  Junk mail makes it to the cellphones now.
775-997-2664 P Ehas
Called my cell # - I am on the no call list
775-997-2664 L
cut off message about "depositing into my bank account"
775-997-2664 tired of this
Left a message asking if I wanted a loan and if so. Call and leave some personal info. They said they allready had some of my info and for to call and confirm it
775-997-2664 b
775-997-2662 goon
they also called me saying is was approved for a loan i didn't apply for
775-997-2662 Cherry
Even when you answer the phone they will not say anything.  They hang up without saying anything.
775-997-2662 bosox
I got the same call! They left a message and I did not apply for any loan! Tried to call the phone number back and it is always busy.
775-997-2662 Noel
Number called and said I had been qualified for a loan that I never even applied for, then went on asking for my bank routing and checking account.Tried to press zero about 10 times to speak to a rep but it kept on going till the call got disconnected.Its been 5 days since this had been going on.avoid this number
775-997-2611 Matthew
Missed a call
775-997-1194 J
No message
775-996-5730 FedUP
This is a company that wants to buy our timeshare. We are not interested. My number is also on the Do Not Call list. They call me 2-3 times consecutively, extremely annoying. When I finally answered and asked them to take my number out of their system, their reps talk over me, ignore me, and continue with the BS about buying our timeshare. I just hang up. I've filed a complaint with the FTC.
775-996-5730 Northern Ontarian
I am disappointed that I keep getting calls form 775-996-5730 on my cellphone.  I am on the no call list for telemarketers for my cellphone number.  I wish that telemarking companies would respect my request.

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