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Looked Number: 7322130416 | Area Code : 732 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
State/Location/Service Provider Information :
New Jersey
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Time zone :

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they are very crazy

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I have gottenc alls from this very company.  it is actually a scam but now they have all my personal info including my ip address to my computer at work, my drivers license number and my checking account info. i have been a victim of identity theft before so this is really scary. they have threatned my life, my friends and my employer. i am in good standing with Cashnet USA and have never had a problem with them and they said they have received a thousand calls saying the same thing. the company has used several different numbers, names and even gave me different amounts of what i owe. i have filed reports with the fcc, ftc, bbb, ohio attorney generals office, the fbi and the secret service. this is ridiculous.
they are calling constantly; i read above that they are cash net usa, this is f****ng b***s***, i paid them in full via western union several months ago... they are harassing me at all my numbers b/c they claim i owe them $15.00 b/c my checknig acct was closed on the due date but ok i paid them via western union on the due date
hello I had losts of unknown calls until a freind told me about this phone Model #: PAN   KXTG9333T u can block callers works wonders

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