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732 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 732 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 732 Series

732-421-0258 concerned guy
Just saw him in the back of a Bensalem police car...
732-421-0258 Taken by DS
I was one of the people that this sorry piece of s*** tried to scam.  I can honestly say that I am afraid for myself, he can act like the nicest person in the world and then the next second when you do something he doesn't like he will snap.  I had wished that I looked on line and searched his name before I ever went out with him.  Ladies do not let this sorry excuse for a man trick you, keep you wallets close and him far away from you.  He stole money directly out of my purse and then was going to send me to drive 2 hours home without any money in my pocket.  He will stalk you as well, he can to my town and to my place of work looking for me, thank god I had the sense not to give him my home address..
732-421-0258 Good Samaritan
This is a call from Donald Stilton (aka Michelle above). He is a career criminal and scheister. Luckily, he is so stupid that he continues to wear his real last name on his FAKE EMT uniform! Don't talk to him, don't get into a car with him, don't give him any money, tell him your real name or let him find out where you live. First he told me he was a rescue diver, then an EMT. All you have to do is Google his name and you will get all the information about him that you will need. I read one court transcript where the judge referred to him as a "sociopath". He’s correct. Good old Donnie tried to tell me that his brother used his name when he got arrested and he is really a good, law-abiding EMT, diver, cop, or whatever he’s posing as this week. Don’t be fooled by the uniforms and badges he’s buying off the internet. He’s been frequenting singles websites like Plenty of Fish looking for new victims upon which to prey.  If you cross paths with this maniac in Ocean County, NJ, Bucks County, PA, or anywhere in between run like hell!
732-421-0258 Be aware
D.S. is not a good guy. He will try to take advantage of women. He tried to con me out of money. When I refused, he changed completely. The nice guy became a belrigerat, nasty, racist, jerk. Women if you know this guy or meet him, keep your hand on your wallet and your eyes open
732-421-0258 You're delusional, Michele.
"One of our members took an EMT class and DS was in his class. He failed the first test. Items went missing and he was asked to leave. He will never be able to get into another EMT class in NJ.Our police department is aware of him, they have a poster with his picture.Just a matter of time until he is in jail again."Michele is just another one of DS's beards.....that or an extremely stupid person.....DS's favorite kind of mark.
732-421-0258 Michele
This number is a guy named Donnie, he is such a nice guy.  He helped me and my family with his EMS busines and donated services.  I thank him for his free help, and wanted others to know.  Thanks Donnie
732-247-4675 KeithMoon
This number is related to another robo-caller out of New Brunswick, NJ - 732-247-4315.  They can both spit blood and die.
732-965-7342 Alexis
Got calls from the number.
732-807-2851 cheryl
we receive a hang up call from this number every day. very annoying
732-807-2851 Alexa C.
Called and asked for a former employee (outdated information - instant red flag). Stated it was regarding an accounting software evaluation. As we do not process ANY accounting on site I knew this inquiry to be false. Either information mining, potential fraud, and / or scammer. Heads up! Caller hung up Immediately after I info'd her that wasn't possible. Be wary of these types of calls.
732-317-8496 Gregg
did not leave a message and no answer on calling the number back. it just rings and rings with no answer or message
732-317-8496 jim
did not leave a message and did not pick up when I returned call
732-317-8496 Johnning the Dickator
did not leave a message
732-317-8496 Valerie
Did not leave a message.
732-719-9494 kat
called my google voice... hope you enjoyed it!  SPAMMER!!!!
732-719-9494 SmartChick
A call from this number woke me up.  I honestly don't remember the schpiel, but it was an automated recording for something like debt consolidation or refinancing or equipment financing.  Press 1 for more information.  Whatever, it's another scammy company trying to pull one over.
732-719-9494 Charles K.
They been Mandated---------Ya Right!

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