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Looked Number: 7316428454 | Area Code : 731 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 7316428454

I little explanation might illicit a follow up call.  Interesting to see if it stops now.  I just paid the $48 bill!!

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This agency is collecting for St Vincents Hospital In Little Rock, AR
they also will  not remove your number unless it is change in the phone book showing it is your number and not the one they are trying to reach is what I was told. when i tried to get my number remove don't owe them anytrhing
No this is a collection agency that handles medical debt, they handle this for more than just Arkansas. My medical debt is in Arkansas at the Arkansas Surgical Hospital in Little Rock. Please it would be appreciated not to call people stupid before you get all your facts straight. Thank You
no one said it was an arkansas number they were just saying the hospitals this number was calling on behalf.if you are from arkansas and spell the way you did here AND do not understand other peoples post that you are commenting on PLEASE DONT PUT A DUMB COMMENT LIKE THIS. THANKS
731 is the area code for west Tennessee outside of the Memphis area, which is 901, btw.  642 is one of the exchange numbers for Paris, which is in the northeastern corner of west TN.
this is not a Arkansas number
what yatalkin about, i did a check up on the search egine bout this number, its from Tennessee not Arkansas. i was born and raised in Arkansas, you must be a dumy
It's 100% illegal for a collection agency, or anyone for that matter, who is trying to collect money (creditors, collection agencies, etc.) to call your job and say they are going to garnish your wages. If that happened you can sue them. What they did  was completely out of line.. and for them to verify employment? Ugh, I dislike collection agencies. They honestly DO break the law time and time again, so since they basically forced you to quit and go somewhere else because of this - if this were me - I would really look into suing them. They broke a HUGE privacy law that every single person trying to collect on a debt knows and has been tested on. It does not matter which state you're in, you are not allowed to speak with anyone other than the person (or their husband / wife) regarding a matter like this.
me too
medical collection agency. we owe baptist and st vincents in central arkansas.they called my job today trying to get someone to call them back and verify my employment.garnish my wages and i have no choice but to quit and go elsewhere. horrible cycle - make to much to qualify for help - but not enough to pay any bills......they did leave a ref number on this message however. fyi.
St. Vincent little rock, AR

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