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Looked Number: 7163626392 | Area Code : 716 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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New York
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I don't answer numbers I don't recognize

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I contacted LifeLock.  Randi Williamson took my report and also gave me the number of the FTC to call and report this incident.  The phone number is 877-438-4338 and the website is www.ftc.gov.
I got a call from Investigator Richard Jefferson at work today.  I was in a meeting but he told the lady who answered the phone that he had a court order and that it would (and I quote) "be in my best interest to call him or I will be out there".  I asked the police department to call and he said I had two counts of civil fraud against me.  My attorney and I tried calling back but there wasn't an answer.  After 8 or 10 rings the recording said it was ARP and to leave a message.  We did not leave a message but I am reporting this to LifeLock and my attorney is going to try again.
Cassandra Waddell
I just received a call from then as well. He told me his name was Investigator Lomis. After about 15 mins of him telling me I was going to be served and that I would go to court and be repremanded for my actions and me telling him I already settled this case with another company and refused to pay he hung up on me. But before he did he told, "See you in court......good luck" . I did manage to ask him what the company's name was and he told me ARP (???????) Something tells me that is not true.
Nellie Gonzalez
On 9-1-2011, I received a call from a restricted phone number. He also said his name was Richard Jefferson. He called me by my full name and I said yes this is she. He said I'm an investigator for the court house and I was being sued on 2 counts of FRAUD!!! I kept asking him for his info and he just kept trying to talk over me with threats. I hung up on him, he of course tried calling me back and left a threating message. That same day my son calls me in a frantic saying this same guy left a message on his phone , making the same threats to him about me!! I was so pissed off!!! I told my son that everything thing was, OK... S.O.B. I almost called him back but decided to due soon INVESTIGATING myself...
I have received calls from this number and 659-817-8875 stating that they have a court case against me.  The caller says his name is Investigator Richard Jefferson.  He will not give me the name of the company he works for, he just says that he is representing e payday loans.  They have never heard of him.  He tried harrassing me at work yesterday saying I would be served with papers on my job on 08/25. Today is 08/25 and of course there is no process server.  I also checked with my local court in my county and no cases have been filed against me by anyone.  Besides, this guy is using an address I have not used in the last 4 years.  It is an obvious scam.  I will just report them to the FTC and leave it at that. Eventually he will stop calling when he sees he cannot get any bank information from me.  It really pisses these guys off when you remain calm while they are threatening you with a lawsuit.  Just remember to keep your cool and think.  They want to unnerve you.  That is why they call you at work.  Good luck everyone!
he called me too and said that I owed woodforest bank and a payday loan. he knew my address to the last four digits of my social and my cell number and the year i did it. i call the bank and the loan and thy said the samething he said but i was just in collection and thy wasnt taking me to court. he called me trying to get me to pay him and i told him i talk with the bank and the loan and i made payment arranngements and he got made and wanted info and i told him no. i asked him for info he said ill c u in court and hung up. he told me his name is cody mckaren
I also got a call from these people. Only thing is i was stupid enough to give them my credit card info because they scared me.
It is a debt collector with a law office.
I dont know who this is, left a name of investigator Cody. That is all I know, if you have any information please help me to find out. No company name was named.
just annoying

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