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716 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 716 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 716 Series

716-362-4897 Anonymous
2018-04-20 04:01:24
atb-coin.com GOOD ico atb-coin.com GOOD ico atb-coin.com GOOD ico atb-coin.com GOOD ico atb-coin.com GOOD ico
716-362-6395 Anonymous
2017-12-18 23:11:50
Called looking for my nephew who was in the Navy
716-201-1491 Paul S
2015-06-17 00:05:20
This is a fake attorney threat scam. Please report this call to the Attorney General of your state within 24 hours. The state of Florida has flagged this scam and is warning senior citizens to be cautious. The caller is not an attorney and is not capable of practicing law in any state in the United States. The owner of the scam is purchasing identity information from County Services. If you were to go to the health department you would need to submit the information the scam owner needs to try and con you. They call 500 people a day and they get at least one person each day who is willing to pay with a credit card to make the problem go away.
716-213-5262 Alfalfa
Go to http://www.naca.net/
716-213-5262 NancyP
Alfalfa,Do you know of a good consumer attorney?  Just received another call from these clowns - now looking for an Xavier.  When I advised them of the fact that they can now be fined for every call - "John" became very condescending.  This is absolutely ridiculous - they're calling on MY company-provided cell phone.NancyP
716-213-5262 Alfalfa
See my post dated 8/4/09. They have already racked up $1,500.00 in fines by continuing to call you.
716-213-5262 NancyP
On a new, 2-week old business cell number, received 3 calls.  Advised them of this fact but they were still adamant about a "Sabrina" having this number.  I asked for a supervisor and advised them that the number was on the Federal "Do Not Call Registry" - next thing I knew - they hung up on me.  I'd call from my work landline, but then they'd have that number as well.  How do we eradicate these pests?
716-213-5262 Eric
I recived calls 2 times a day from this number 716-213-5262. Can someone do somthing about this company.
716-213-5262 Alfalfa
Under the TCPA, a consumer has a right to file a lawsuit and recover $500 for each call that violates the TCPA. The TCPA can also be used in conjunction with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in some situations.  Generally, the TCPA does not apply to debt collectors making collection calls to debtors. However, if you are subjected to calls from a debt collector and you are not the debtor, you may file a lawsuit against the debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the TCPA.This right was recently recognized by Judge Legrome D. Davis in a case called Watson v. NCO Group, Inc.  NCO Group is a debt collector that uses automated prerecorded collection calls.  In this case, Mr. Watson alleged he was getting hundreds of calls from NCO Group after he got a new phone number. Mr. Watson claimed he owed no debt to NCO Group, Inc.  Mr. Watson filed suit under both the FDCPA and TCPA.David Israel, defense lawyer for NCO, argued that the TCPA should not apply to debt collectors.  Judge Davis rejected the argument made by David Israel. The judge ruled that Mr. Watson had a right to sue NCO Group Inc under the TCPA for $500 for each call.  Judge Davis wrote;[The] Court is convinced that a non-debtor's rights are in fact violated when he is subjected to repeated annoying and abusive debt collection calls that he remains powerless to stop.Judge Davis' ruling was based upon his interpretation that collection calls to non-debtors violate the privacy rights provided by the TCPA.  So what can you do if you receive "wrong number" calls from debt collectors? 1. Sign up for the Do-Not-Call registry.2. Save the calls captured by your voice mail or answering machine.3. Contact a consumer lawyer.http://consumerlawyer.typepad.com/blog/2008/02/the-do-not-call.html
716-213-5262 Billy
Keep getting calls from this idiot. I told him to note the account stating that I'm not the damn person they're looking for, yet I still receive calls! Huh I'm over it!!!
716-213-5262 Anonomus
calls and never leaves a message. very tiresome 5 to 8 times a day. sounds like a joke of a company maybe state attorney general offices need to be contacted to block these yokels from working across the country
716-213-5262 ANTHONY
716-213-5262 frank
IT never stop calling even do I ask them to stop
716-213-5262 Not to Be Buffaloed
Yeah, right. If they are a "legal" firm, then I'm the Easter Bunny...Account Solutions Group 205 Bryant Woods South Amherst, New York 14228Phone: (800) 741-8860Fax: (716) 564-4440Web Address: www.accountsolutionsgroup.comBud Says...Account Solutions Group (ASG) is typical of the many sleazy debt collectors who are now based around Buffalo, NY, which has become the debt collection capital of America. Using under trained, unprofessional, overzealous debt collectors who use threats of litigation, intimidation, and fear, to collect. ASG has a lousy reputation for responding to disputes involving the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These are federal laws that were passed to regulate the collection industry and protect consumers from inaccurate information being placed on their credit reports. This is NOT an agency to be believed or trusted. Owner, Anthony J. Frisicaro seemingly is making too much money to care about the 'little things.' Like most of his WNY counterparts, Frisicaro's ASG appears to be enriching themselves, at whatever the cost. Most of these agency owners pay more attorney fee's as a defendant than they do as a plaintiff, further strengthening their reputation as parasites and bottom-feeders.A good thing for Frisicaro and other collection agency owners in the Buffalo, NY area is they will never run out of warm bodies to fill those collection seats. Western New York has traditionally suffered with high unemployment rates, which makes for a large pool of job seekers. The bad thing is that Buffalo has become polluted with an epidemic of debt collectors whom have adopted a 'get-fired today', 'hired-tomorrow' attitude that is further spreading the tumor of self-destruction across the Western New York area. Agency's like Account Solutions Group will one day be, just another boarded up building on that long street of greed-suckers and big ego's that have made this country what it is today. We can all hasten the demise of ASG by using the laws as they were intended, to stop them from EVER contacting you.http://www.budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpages/account_solutions_group.htm
716-213-5262 Pete
This number belongs to ASG Collection Agency claiming to be a "legal" firm.
716-213-5253 Tudorp
Keep getting this BS number daily...Dont know what its about, I never answer it.
716-213-5253 Alice
Calls work phone number for a man who had this same number 15 years ago.
716-213-5249 jmr
Numerous calls each day from this number; no message left
716-213-5249 Rebecca
They call about 10 times a day on my cell phone. A stupid british accent (recording says) "You have a very important phone call, Please stay on the line". If i do not answer the call, they never leave a message. They are very annoying!
716-213-5249 stealthseven
Calls over and over any time of day or night, leaves no message, just leaves a stupid recording in a British or computer generated accent/voice.
716-213-5249 Kimberly
Calls over and over any time of day or night, leaves no message, or a stupid recording.
716-213-5249 steve
leaes no message  numerous calls
716-213-5249 Chele
Keeps calling...no message
716-213-5249 Syn
Received numerous calls with no message left. Called this back from another line and it goes to Account Services Group, a collection agency. :)
716-213-5249 JAN
716-213-5244 Coconut
No answer no message on my house phone. Cell phone: asking for me over and over. Googled the number and thisis the NCO Financial. They are known for being hostle and harassing on collections debts you either owe or dont.  Next call ask for valadation. Ususally they dont have this...thisis a paper tat they have to mail to you with original debit info. If you ask and they do not have that is it they stop.  Just ask.   Hope this helps
716-213-5244 Will
I got a call from this number on my wireless phone.  A message was left.  "If this number is for you household, press.....If you are not head of this household, press....."I did not press either but am concerned about this call coming in on my wireless phone.
716-213-5244 Midnightmrs
I have received calls from this number several times.
716-213-5244 Jason
This number calls and doesn't leave a message
716-213-5244 Shane
This number has been calling for three weeks daily. They don't leave messages.

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