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Looked Number: 7152540345 | Area Code : 715 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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User Comments for 7152540345

this number has  called our home three times a day and never leaves a message! i finally answered it and  they said it was the L.A. Times! I know it is from Wisconsin or Minn. Why do they think that repeted calls would a person to buy their product what idiots!

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today is the third day they call, i don't pick up because, they never leave a message.
They are calling me too.  I do not answer and they do not leave a message.  I am sick of telemarketers.  I want to venture a guess why these idiots are calling people in California.  I live in Roseville, MN (just outside of Saint Paul, where the Pioneer Press is located) and I know there is a Roseville, California.  If this true, this sales company needs to hire people with atleast a 3rd grade education and get rid of the morons they have now.
it is illegal for a telemarketing company in the united states to call from a blocked number. their phone number MUST show up on caller id or they can get fined. if the telemarketing company is calling from outside the united states, they DO NOT have to follow any of our laws. ex: number displayed or even DNC lists. it is annoying, but cheaper for the company that is outsourcing the work to hire a call center in another country.
One call early evening of the 16th of September, second call when I was out about 1:30 pm. When I answered last night, you could tell it was a telemarketing place; if I'd said "Hello" more than once, I know after a few seconds, someone would have come on the line. But I hung up instead. Today when I was gone, they left no message, another indication that it's telemarketing. We are on the DO NOT CALL list...a lot of good that does! But we have a "block number" feature on our phone, and they are now blocked. We live in California, so why they would think we'd want something they have to offer in Wisconsin or Minnesota, I have no idea! Idiots.
Phone rings and when answered, no one there. This occurs several times a week.
I filed a FTC complaint for violation of the Do Not Call List. I am on the list, the caller is not a charity and I have never had a business involvement with the St Paul Pioneer Press.  I encourage everyone else to do the same.  Enough complaints might get some action.  I wonder how many papers they need to sell to settle a $10,000 fine.
Uncle Al
The problem with this law, as with so many laws, is it is only as good as the willingness to enforce it.There is NOBODY enforcing these "no call" laws!  The police are too busy harassing law abiding citizens driving to & from work, taking much needed money out of their pockets with outrageous speeding ticket fines. The cops are always working on their "drug war" show. We know how effective THAT time & money  has been !You'd think the butt heads might for once do something constructive & enforce these laws to like get these blood suckers off our backs!
we live in Calif., and got a call from this number a few minutes ago. Crossfire is the name of a t.v. show, at least it used to be. It is a political show if I remember right. I didn't recognize the number on our caller id, so did not answer the phone. We no longer have an answering machine, so there are no annoying hang ups there. If my husband or myself do not know the number, we do not answer the phone. We also have had calls from pioneer press, using different outsourcing companies in different states. Texas, Maryland, Nevada, and Arizona, so far. It does not seem to matter at all to these telemarketers and companies that a new law went into effect September 1 to cease with these type of calls. Now if we could just get rid of the calls for charity, political, and the police ball requests for money, that would be sooooo nice!!!
Got a call from this number, caller id box says "crossfire". The caller identified herself as being from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. Interesting that a call from sales department of Pioneer Press would come from a Wisconsin number. My phone number is on both the St. Paul Pioneer Press's "do not call" list and on the national do not call list
called 9/11/09 about 1350 PDT. Caller ID said Crossfire, no one on the line when i answered

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