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708 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 708 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 708 Series

708-623-4275 Anonymous
2018-10-25 03:12:53
Called but didn't leave a voice message.
708-263-1210 mark b
Same scam, different position - safety director for gaming cruise line
708-263-1209 Donald
Called my mobile phone.
708-263-1207 Shawna
Job opprotunity scammer in the Chicago area trying to get you to wire money to them via Western Union for a plane ticket to an interview in a random city in Michigan or Mass to be a F&B server on a private corporate jet. Greg Dotson is his name/alias. He states that there is a Lisa Gilbert that will meet you in whatever airport they are asking you to go to. They try to say that the interview trip is $288, and you pay half to get there, then once you are there, they re-imburse you and pay for your return.This is a stupid scam, but I am sure there are people who may fall for it. Don't do it. If any company is serious about an interview, they will arrange for all of your transport and accommidations.
708-263-1207 lame duck
The person using this number is a scammer.
708-262-9028 Amy
No one on the line.
708-262-7636 mahmoud
waz up?
708-262-7497 Anna
They called at 4 in the morning and left a brief message that was just background noise
708-262-7213 millie
who call millie from this number.
708-262-7213 sue
i don't no who call from this number.
708-262-2994 momo
text messege
708-262-2161 Rich
unknown caller
708-261-9840 Rosie
They just called me.
708-261-7284 Whitney
The number called me at work.
708-261-7111 DougThorn
Caller is selling for a legal service that you can make money from daily.
708-261-6936 andrea
708-261-5294 James
Disruptive caller
708-261-4795 Michelle mackins
Terry Jackson
708-261-1955 Lilly
Got dead air.
708-261-0486 Roger
We just got a call from this number.
708-260-1232 tg
I have recently responded to several ads posted on USA job site Careerbuilder that when contacted, the gentleman represents himself as a representative of Novomatic of Switzerland who is recruiting for various management, security and flight attendant positions for a new USA regional corporate office.This gentleman states that his name is Ray Cassey and after several telephone ”interviews” states that I had been selected to interview in San Diego California USA but I must send funds IMMEDIATELY by Western Union to him directly to pay for 50% of airfare, of which will be immediately reimbursed upon arrival in San Diego upon meeting Gail Henley at the "gate" - (note: NO gate greetings are allowed since 9/11)When I stated that I could not immediately go to Western Union, he stated that I was no longer to be considered for the very high paying management position.The phone numbers that he is using under the name of Novomatic of Switzerland are 001-708-263-1232, 001-708-263-1230, 001-708-263-1239.I have already contacted the security division of Careerbuilder through which he posted these advertisements for employment opportunities. The company he is representing is legitmate and I have contacted them also regarding this information.
708-259-8868 Bonnie
I returned the call to see who this was....all I reached was a no name mailbox with verizon that said the mailbox was full.
708-259-8868 Mo
Don't know anyone at this number
708-259-0635 Richard Michaels
someone called, (sounded like a child) and said that someone died.  This was a message on a cell phone.
708-258-6403 Bri
I keep getting a call from this number, but I always miss it. They never leave a message. I tried looking it up on Google, but I couldn't find anything other than that it's a cell phone from the Orland Park, Illinois area.
708-258-5720 Wendy
Received a call on landline.
708-258-5685 Derick
4052535166 got text say HI ;), wanted me to add them on yahoo messenger, oliviachikie8. Did reply after I said no thanks, with can you remember me? Add me to help your memory. Scammers or hackers I assume.
708-258-5685 Tracy
+19319940191 oliviachikie8 Y messenger. Number told me to add them. Told them to stop contacting me and I don't have yahoo. Freaking weird people. Called the number and they had a weird answering machine. Not professional in any way.
708-258-5685 SB
I got the same text but mine was oliviachikie8.
708-258-5685 sam
i got a text. they said heyyyyyy sam and i said hi who is this and they said a.d me on y! IM ... sn is juliagirlie7 so i said do i know you they replied oh no i have no signal and i said i dont have y! IM and again do i know you they never replied back

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