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Looked Number: 7060000000 | Area Code : 706 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Political call from Rome Georgia

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Political calls from this number frequently.
They are liars, call me several times a week, even called my job. Middle eastern accents, can hardly understand them, but, said his name was Brian Smith, Brian Anderson, etc.   What a bunch of idiots, trying to get my cell phone service to block all their calls, but, they keep using different numbers with different area codes.  I am blowing a whistle next time they call and at least that may get a doctor's attention!
Same thing, United Nations Legal Department - they've called me about a dozen times every day for the last few days.  Some guy with a thick accent reading from a script.  I *did* have a payday loan once, I wonder if another company has had their records comprimised?
These jerks just harrased me for the last few hours.
I got a call today from this number!! I went rouds with this guy. He was telling me that I took out a pay day loan on the internet. Which I had not!!! He had my SSI # My birthdate and my bank account #. He told me that I owed $525.26 and that I needed to resolve this issue. He told me that I could be arrested and go to jail for up to 3 months. But when I asked them to send me the legal documents he stated that I would have to go to the California Supreme Court House the day after tomorrow with my attorney. Or i could just resolve this by paying the amount. Soi I told HIm that I would have to make payments and He said that would be fine but I would need to fax him an APOLOGY letter which he told me what to write word for word. Then I told him that I did not have a credit card or a debit card and i would need the address to send a money order. He told me that I could not send a money order that I would have to go buy a pre-paid debit card and fax him the information on the card. I had told him that I have been through my fair share of legal problems and that I have never not gotten somthing in the mail stating my charges before. I asked him to send me the legal documents he told me that after the last installment was paid he would send me the paper work. After thinking about this I asked him how do I know that this isn't a scam? Then he hung up on me!!! So I called him back and yelled at him some more. I told him I would fax the apology letter tomorrow. Then I called a friend and told about my conversation with this guy and she looked this business up on the internet and found it was a scam.

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