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United States
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Carson City
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Received the call from Mega Millions offering money and a car, asked me what color I wanted. English very poor and phone call apparently from Jamacia. Called back 3 times.

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Monty's girl
My husband received a call at 7 am of a man telling he was from mega millions and that we won 2.5 million and a brand new Mercedes Benz and all we needed to do is go to Walmart or cvs and purchase a card and load it with 269 dollars to pay the registration in the vehicle..... We then googled it and found theses post and was very helpful I can't believe that there is people that could this to innocent people .... He is berry rude man and got upset when my husband told him he was contacting law enforcement has not called since please people do research before you pay any cent to telle marketers this is a scam
The same guys just called our house has any one given him any money ?? Do you know for a fact ?? He told us to go put money on a green scratch off ticket and then out money will be at bank of America  for 499.00 then he went on after i said we are broke and on food stamps he went on to say he would pay out of pocket and 150.00 Mega Million we won 2.5 million and a car plus prizes ??? WTF its not funny !!!! If it is real how do you confirm it ?? he has been calling me all day from2022398934
Byron Binion
I recieved a  blocked call yesterday June 18, 2012 from a Michael from Publishing Clearing House Sweepstakes that my name was pulled from the Wal Mart Mega Millions Sweepstakes and that I placed 3rd place in the drawings.  Then he went on to say I won 2.5 million dollars and a red Mercedez and there were people from the Clearing House and FBI agents on there way to my house to present me my winnings.  He also said uncle sam would have to get his cut of 1 % first before I recieve the prize.  He said I must go to Western Union at Kmart to send the amount of $275 to a Revano Brown from New Port, Ja. West-Indes.  After reading some of the stories I saw posted on google about people being scammed by private callers about Mega Millions Sweepstakes, I am convince that this guy is trying to scam me too.  He's going to call me again today, but I'll be ready for him.  Thanx everyone for the heads up and sharing your stories, they really helped and now I won't be scammed again by another telemarketer....
Valerie Marcley
I haven't number ID but just got a call of my winnings by an inarticulate fellow who got testy if I asked him questions. The routine was the same as the comment here.The phone hung up first call and he called back and was angry that I hung up, which I didn't , I thought he did. He said he got my information from Walmart or CVS etc and I won $150,000, yet he didn't know to whom he was speaking.Very unprofessional if legit, and it's certainly not. What happened to my status on do not call list?
Received a call from someone claiming to be Mr. Alex Alberto, Manager of Megamillions, at Sweepstakes Clearinghouse.  He gave a phone number of 1-800-787-3498.  He said my husband won $2.5 milllion and a Mercedes Benz.  He asked us to send $359 which would be refunded.  We do not believe it since he asked for money upfront.
Rob Jones  from some casino  called to congratulate me and to call back, a scam.  I don't enter any sweepstakes or put my name in at the casinos, nothing.  His English was rough.
leaving las vegas
Report that u've been scammed to the Nevada Gamming Commission.. so they can bury more bodies in the desert.

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