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got a call, did not answer.

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my sister- n-law just called me, a johnathon called her stateing he had a cival suit against my husband and then precided to tell her he lived with her and demanded to speak with him. he's never lived with his sister or even in the same town as her after moving out of his dad's home in 1985. we still can't figure out how they came up with her landline. i haven't called him yet wanted to go online and get as much information as possible first.
I too was taken advantage of, I was told if I didn't pay they were going to sue me for 1400 dollars when I asked for something in writing they stated a letter would be sent out stating paid in full with a settlement of 616.00. I had a friend pay 308.16 through their checking account and gave my friend cash to cover the transaction. The next month another 308.16 was withdrawn from my friends account without permission, when we both called they were very rude swearing at us saying they were going to teach us a lesson, that same day we both went to the bank and filed a fraud report. These people need to be stopped. The only truth that came out of their mouths was teaching us a lesson! Don't ever give your personal information out! Get something in black and white and pay with money order.

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