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660 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 660 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 660 Series

660-349-6414 Anonymous
2018-12-13 07:03:46
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660-349-6414 Anonymous
2018-12-10 03:18:21
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660-349-6414 Anonymous
2018-11-30 03:48:27
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660-530-9763 Abby W
2016-07-29 02:01:03
I received a text from this number. They typed my name and then, "Do you want to recieve a payment in the next 11 days txt yes now STOP to stop" They misspelled 'receive'. I don't know who sent this. I don't trust it. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this.
660-530-3120 Pete Villanueva
2015-06-11 04:36:33
This number has been calling me several days and doesn't say anything. When I call back, the line is always busy, so I'm guessing this is a robocall. It says: "Sedalia, MO" where I'm from, but we don't have any 530 numbers here.
660-998-2520 ALIND
Got a call from this number and when I called them back they said the number was out of  service.
660-998-1532 April
They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.
660-998-0634 Karin
No Message left
660-990-5087 DRB
660-988-9876 Craig
Received a call this morning.
660-988-5133 Sam
This person posed as a 24 year old male named Ian from a dating website. This person it not who they say they are.
660-988-5133 Sam
This person posed as a 24 year old male from a dating website. This person it not who they say they are.
660-988-0666 trever snyder
this person is crazy and wont stop calling so dont give her your number
660-973-3856 Joyce
Left no message
660-973-3673 Keith Reed
What do u want
660-973-1915 Em
Got some weird text from this number.  Finally figured out first name and it is Nate.
660-956-4026 Toni
This number has called my home several times.
660-952-4074 rob
Someone sent a harassing text from this number. Need to know who did this.
660-947-2495 jim Howard
who is it
660-928-9067 HemiRR
received email suposedly fromeFax customer with this number as caller IDLinks contained in email do not correspond to any eFax web page.  Email is suspected span and links maybe dangerous to open
660-909-6117 gus
no comment
660-909-5986 Ashley
Unknown number.
660-909-5717 imannies
Need to know who thi is.
660-909-5083 zippy
unwanted text
660-909-4553 JG
660-909-4539 george
whats up good looking its dylan
660-909-2067 B. C.
W & W Repairs102 S College St Warrensburg, MO 64093Phone: 6609092067Fax: 6606530129We have over 30 years of experience in plumbing services. Our mission is to provide best services to our customers on competitive rates.Services: Plumbing Contractors, Septic Tank Cleaning, Water Heater Repair, Plumbing Services, Plumber
660-893-5354 Fran
Telemarketing call for Home based business
660-889-4676 Liz
Calls my cell every evening . . no message
660-885-8917 Tiffany
Any ideas who calls from this number?

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