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called me multiple times at 3 oclock am

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Joe Doaks
I got a call from this number and a recorded female voice said "this is a call from (static) (they didn't say anyone's name but my caller id said it was from "hartwell ga"). A pause, then, "to accept this call, press 1, to send a voicemail press 7." That repeated three times but since I had no idea who it was I didn't press 1 or 7, and got a dial tone. It was also slightly noisy in the background of the lady's voice, but in the begginning it almost sounded like one of those appointment reminders from the doctor's office. I'll see if like the posts above I get called back by a different number.
The same description of a person called me from this number today that said he was from Walmart and wanted to give me a $500 gift card for customer appreciation.  He was going to transfer me to a 'verification' department after the call.  After I verified my shipping address they wanted my credit card information to charge me a shipping fee of $5, I hung up on them.  I then got a call back right after from the same person but it was from 706-805-1354.  I'm sorry, if this is a gift from Walmart, they should at least cough up the dough and ship it for free.
Jim Bull
Man, speaking with an Indian accent, stated that he was from Microsoft and wanted me to go to my computer. I stated that I did not believe what he was saying and he became belligerent demanding that I go to my computer. I lost it and said some bad thing to him, like I am sorry I can’t do that. Anyway, not sure what is going on here but got another call from this same person but his number was 7068051142
Got the first call at 2:46am Christmas morning.  Got the second call at 8:06am.  Area code is Alabama. Do not know anyone  there.  Another number blocked!  Thanks do not call list!
They called and hung up.  I have been getting many of these calls from Georgia lately.  Two weeks ago, I put all my numbers on the Do Not Call list, but calls from Georgia continue to come in. When I call the number back, I get a message that the number can not be completed as dialed.

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