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659 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 659 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 659 Series

659-996-8325 natalee
unknown #
659-931-5326 scarah
me i know the area of this mobile?
659-927-4451 Colleen
Got acall from this number, no message, and immediately after I disconnected/ignored the callI received one from 309-221-9811. I don't answer calls from outlying area codes not in my contacts,and I promptly block the call afterwards.
659-919-5215 dave sniff
this number 659-919-5215, has call my phone  10 times today with no responce it needs to stop
659-919-5215 madlady3
This # jus called 4 times with in the last 10 mins, as well as other #'s I don't know. Something needs to be done!!!
659-919-5215 js
this number called and told me my auto loan application was approved. I have never applied for an auto loan.
659-905-5407 a. soldier
keep getting miss call messages
659-896-8204 BADBURN
659-895-3503 Lee T
missed call on my caller id
659-894-7886 Nhung
659-894-7886 Nhung
Hi! Thanks ban nhieu nhieu nhe!
659-893-1224 mmmmmm
659-892-6894 Marj Mamaril
not answering
659-892-5283 d
Called multiple times at 5:00 AM
659-887-5133 Lou
Called my cell.
659-878-0321 Sandra Brooks
I know no one at this number.  Received at midnight...very suspicious.......
659-875-8178 Pamela
This is another annoying call, no one there, no voice mail...no nothing...you can't even call back the number....
659-875-8178 Spammed
Unsolicited call on cell phone. Several over the last few days from different numbers
659-875-8178 DW
Keeps calling my cell phone.  I don't answer calls.  I will report number to FCC.  You all should too if you are on the national do not call list.https://esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form1088.action?form_type=1088G
659-875-8178 Robert
Twice this morning from this number. I don't answer it. I have been getting calls all week from a variety of unknown numbers. I just don't answer but they are annoying. I've registered with the national call blocking number but it doesn't seem to do any good. Heard that one number that calls has obtained Wells Fargo's mortgagee list. I thought information given to banks was confidential. Of course Wells Fargo has been nothing but problems for me since day one so this wouldn't surprise me.
659-875-8178 Winnie
Agentleman called,he did not speak very good english.Wanted further information about my loan application.I told him I have not filled out  any loan applications,he said sorry and hung up.
659-875-8178 Jim
calls from this number and 458-112-5198 have been alternating all day  - no answer.  I believe they are trying to reach my mother because she has fallen for this scam before.  Unfortunately our government allows this kind of crap.
659-875-8178 Kirby Harris
Got another call from a guy who does not speak English and I hung up on him.  He was trying to get me to give him information. I refused.
659-875-8178 cougar
If you don't know the number don't answer the call if it someone you do know they will leave you a message!!!!! I got a call from the number and did not answer the call never saw the number till today.
659-875-8178 Lisa Phillips
No one is answering, but keeps calling back. Checked with my phone company, and at least it is not adding charges to my phone. It is just extremely irritating!
659-875-8178 Cathy
They keep calling and I keep ignoring their calls.  Don't recognize the number.
659-875-8178 George spam
con artist own the number
659-875-8178 Edwin
Calling from 659-875-8178 for somebody we do not know. When told that, person began asking for personal info.  He was told to fxxx off.
659-875-8178 Daniel
Got call from number and a man who did not speak very good english(asian accent) was on the other end asking for information that you would fill out when making a loan application and then when he asked for my social security number and i said i would not give it to him over the phone hung up.
659-875-8178 Priscilla
Several calls, no one answered on the other end.

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