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657 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 657 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 657 Series

657-202-6908 Anonymous
2018-06-28 23:15:17
Said they were doing marketing update, when I asked for who they wouldn't tell me,
657-202-6876 Anonymous
2017-12-01 21:34:15
Just another scam call!
657-201-1559 Tom
2016-01-28 10:47:37
Probaly morons. I got 3 more calls today.
657-206-6711 Jenn
Received 2 calls 12:26am EST
657-206-6467 Evelyn
We received a call yesterday.
657-206-5792 mia
anyone know who this number belongs to?
657-206-5425 mike
called 2 times
657-206-5398 andrea (number owner)
This is actually my number, i have seldom used it for calling, mostly just texting, think its been compromised since i linked it with my google voice. my apologies last call was to a friend of mine 7 weeks ago. i also keep getting random calls where i pick up and no one answers, my only advice is to block this  number.
657-206-5398 Zach Niech
Someone keeps calling me from this number, never leaves a message.
657-206-5077 TE
This number has called my business line now 3 times over a the last week and never leaves a message.   Called back but says google voice subscriber is not taking calls...
657-206-5077 Moto
Called a company number, asked to speak to owner, I said, "I can help better than any one else, how can I help you?"They hung up.
657-206-5077 Cee S
Called and hung up, no message.
657-206-5077 Mike K
I received two calls from them. First one asked for my wife, when I said she was unavailable and asked to take a message, they hung up. 20 minutes later got another call. Asked what company it was, the guy said Google. I asked why the other guy hung up on me, and he said it wasn't from his company. I assured him it was the same number, that I have caller ID (who doesn't?). He said "Are you going to let me talk to her, or keep jerking me around?!" I told him to kiss my a** and hung up on him. It's obviously SPAM, probably a SCAM as well. BEWARE!
657-206-5077 kkb
Two rings only and caller id indicates cell phone..............
657-206-5077 Who Cares
Stop harassing my phone!
657-206-5077 Mrs. Ward
Just called business line.  Took a while for him, but man said "hello" and when I answered with "hello", he hung up.
657-206-5077 Laura
Did not pick up - they left no message
657-206-5077 Allknowing
Yes, you can tell them you wish to receive no more calls.  They are bound by law to stop calling.  They will still report your delinquency to the credit bureaus, but the calls should stop.
657-206-5077 Made in USA LLC
You inform them in writing (get a fax number from them, if you don't already have it) to "cease and desist." Unless you do it in writing, they won't pay any attention. You are not alone, so don't despair. The pigs on Wall Street and in D.C. really trashed The American Dream for the Middle Class. We had better take our country back before it's too late. Think about the billions of dollars we supposedly sent to Iraq for rebuilding what we smashed, and nobody can account for it. Think about the people in Haiti still eating on the ground and living in tents when we supposedly have sent millions for relief. Ever think about how many pockets our taxpayer dollars are being stuffed into?You have PLENTY of company, Jonah. Tell them to bug off, but do it in writing. Good luck.
657-206-5077 jonah
Speaking of against the law. Do you, or does anyone know the law.guidelines on calls from a finance company ? For example- I have my bike payment due on the 15th.. They called 8 times today, and between 10-11:30 am... They will call again tonight from 8-9:30 pm.. They call on an average of 10 times a day.. If I am 1 day late, or 2 months late.. I havent  ever heard of a lienholder calling this many times.. Harley Davidson.. Im a victim of this economy/recession,and cant pay everything on time,and they dont give a s***. Its almost harassment.. They ruin my day, from 9am to 9pm !! CALL CALL CALL !! Same # 10-12 times, and theres 2 other #'s they call from daily too .. Can I do something about the harassing amount of calls ???
657-206-5077 Jeff
We have received two phone calls from this phone number, and both times it has come up as Brent Larsen. He wanted to speak to my mother who runs a business out of our home. The first time she is the one that answered the phone and told him that she was the person he wanted to talk to, he hung up. Then he called before 9am, which is actually against the law for a business to home phone call in California, and we told him that it was too early to be calling and again he hung up. I doubt it is actually Google calling, but it might be some other person or persons trying to get more info out of people. Who knows? We plan to ignore these calls from now on though.
657-206-5077 mybusiness
Just received a call two minutes ago on my business line. Man said he is calling from Google and a position opened up by them because my business had great ratings. Asked to clarify a couple of things about my business. Told them the owner is available and they started cursing at me.. Ignore this call
657-206-5077 SunshiNE
I answer and there's dead silence also!
657-206-5077 andru hunter
normally you are correct james but in this case it is dead silence
657-206-5077 James
Boiler room telemarketer, listen to the background noise and you can hear other telemaketers giving the same sells pitch
657-206-5077 Don
Bugus call
657-206-5077 Reflections by Ruth
I got the same when I called the number back. I do have Google ads on our bytephoto.com  could that be why we are receiving the call?Do any of you run websites that display Google ads?
657-206-5077 Roger
I received a call from this number, I answered but no one replied back and hung up. I called back and it said: Google voice subscriber is not available, pl leave a message.Someone crazy using his computer to call people for free from Google Voice.
657-206-5077 Nikki m
Just got a call from them too. Didn't leave a message. When I called them back I hot a message saying 'the voice subscriber is unavailable'. Spam!!
657-206-4347 lizard lick my dick
Bi*** I'll kill you through da fone stop callin

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