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Looked Number: 6512516300 | Area Code : 651 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
State/Location/Service Provider Information :
City/Location/Service Provider Information :
Saint Paul
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Time zone :

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These liberal schmucks should know better than to call me. I wish I wouldn't have missed the call so I could have really stuck it to the caller.

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Lonny Roseland
How stupid is the Minnesota DFL Party? The DFL Party is so stupid that they give a phonecall to the Leader of "Sabbath Keepers Who Vote Republican" and disturb him on the Sabbath during his Bible Study! - Do NOT call me DFL Party and especially not on the Sabbath! FYI: the Sabbath is Saturday.
I'm changing my vote to Republican just because the Dems call me over and over and over.
According to this link: http://www.duluth.lib.mn.us/Databases/Contact/State.html, it appears to be a phone number for DFL headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Likely just an auto-dialer spewing the benefits of the DFL party.

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