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651 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 651 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 651 Series

651-204-1711 Justin Richardson
2016-12-30 05:42:03
Transcription: "Notice for [Lastname, Firstname] if you are not [Lastname, Firstname] please hang up now. Hello, this is Susan kit. Unfortunately your file has reached our office for review due to your failure to respond before the end of business today, and it is Thursday the 29th of December. We do need to know was this done intentionally or was this an oversight. I suggest you communicator. Have your attorney respond no later than 7 p.m. Today. it'd behoove you to call b4we cease Voluntary communication.
651-783-5794 Warren Lemming
2015-03-11 23:03:01
Custom Remodelers. Here are other numbers associated with them: 651-765-1759 651-256-4393 651-783-5842 651-783-0084 651-783-0158 651-783-5677 651-783-5794
651-251-6381 Lucas
Keep getting this number on my cell phone.
651-251-6365 badmonkey
'tis the season, I guess!
651-251-6340 Olive
caller called for the first time today.
651-251-6300 Mike
These liberal schmucks should know better than to call me. I wish I wouldn't have missed the call so I could have really stuck it to the caller.
651-251-6300 Lonny Roseland
How stupid is the Minnesota DFL Party? The DFL Party is so stupid that they give a phonecall to the Leader of "Sabbath Keepers Who Vote Republican" and disturb him on the Sabbath during his Bible Study! - Do NOT call me DFL Party and especially not on the Sabbath! FYI: the Sabbath is Saturday.
651-251-6300 Morty
I'm changing my vote to Republican just because the Dems call me over and over and over.
651-251-6300 SDP
According to this link: http://www.duluth.lib.mn.us/Databases/Contact/State.html, it appears to be a phone number for DFL headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Likely just an auto-dialer spewing the benefits of the DFL party.
651-251-6300 Maya
Called me at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night.  I did not pick up, there was no voicemail left.
651-251-6300 dip_dap2
Called at 06 Sept, at 11:50 am.  Didn't recognize the number, so didn't answer.  No voicemail left.Google says it's DFL Party Headquarters.
651-251-6300 lquiduser
Not even an automated response when answered,just disconnected.
651-251-3894 Chiz
Public Storage
651-251-2042 POPS
651-251-0286 Roi
It just called me couple of minutes ago. It is getting into my nerve. Everyday this number is calling me. I answered one time, but nobody will answer. I never tried calling back.
651-251-0286 Kathy
Keep getting calls from this number. No voice at the other end, no messages are left. When I call back it rings and rings until it disconnects. I hope it is not charging me for something each time it calls me or for the times I've called back (twice). I will ignore it and not call back again.
651-251-0286 Nightdog
Get this call several times a day. I usually hang up. If they want to talk to me they will leave a message. I am going to find a way to stop them from calling me.
651-251-0286 Allison
I've been getting calls for a few days. I don't answer and no messages are left. I called back today and it just kept ringing until my phone finally disconnected.
651-251-0286 Peter
received call from this number twice in last to days - no one there (disconnect) when i answered - called number back, rang for 45 seconds then disconnected
651-251-0286 denise
He called me today and hung up on me too whenever I said that I didn't have alot of time. It pissed me off so I tried to call back but it rang and rang and then disconnected as well.
651-251-0286 Tony
I also get this number everyday (Michigan) and no message every left.
651-251-0286 hellz goin on
I really don't want phone calls from a complete stranger. I'm really starting to get sick of picking it up and the person hanging up on me. I've never tried to call the person back nor do  really want to. but I would like them to stop calling me.
651-251-0286 leavemealone
I get this call every once in a while, sometimes twice a day, sometimes weekly, but it's frequent.  I never pick up and no one ever leaves a message.  It's annoying and it seems now after looking it up that it's someone with no life.  I'll just continue to ignore it.
651-251-0286 Candice
I have been getting this call everyday, it only rings ONCE STOP CALLING me!
651-251-0286 Annoyed
This darn number calls everyday & I just decided to answer to my phone to see who the heck it was & the person just hung up...When I called back, no one answers & the calls just disconnects!!! Fron the other comments for those who were able to actually speak w/someone, it seems like this number is from someone calling for telemarketing purposes.
651-251-0286 D
Received ANOTHER call on 9/13/09. I asked who it was. He told me his name was Ray. I then told "Ray" to take my number off of his calling list. He said I had called them. When I told him to make sure I was taken off of his lst, he hung up on me.
651-251-0286 boochie
well he called me and when I answered, he coughed and hung up! Jerk.
651-251-0286 D
I also received a call from this number and they left no message. I also called the number back; it rang and then disconnected. Who is it?
651-251-0286 Tomo
Got a phone call from this number and asked to speak with me...told him there was noone here by that name
651-251-0286 tad
Got a call from this number called it right back.. Rang then disconnected.

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