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Looked Number: 6369472321 | Area Code : 636 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Jefferson City
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User Comments for 6369472321

Refuse to answer calls from collection agencies...It's simple and here is how to do it.  I never answer a call unless I recognize the number. Simply forward you calls to the collection agencies number. When they call they will be calling themselves and get a busy signal.  Ligit people I do business with, friends and family all call my cell number.  I also have a set of Panasonic cordless phones that I can easily block unwanted numbers. I am a retired claims representative and negotiated claims for 32 years. I havebeen dealing with Client Services, Inc in St. Charles Missouri who represents Citibank/Home Depot.  I received a letter from CSI reducing my bill from $3,41.76 to $2,059.06. I finally negotiated the total amount to $1,715.96.  The supervisor at CSI said he wanted the total amount based on the negotiated figure. I explained that I did not have the total amount but I would be willing to make payments.  He said if they agreed to accept payments it would have to be based on th $2,059.00. That would have to be made in three payments.   What ever you do, don't believe a word these people tell you.  They are liars. I got three differant stories. To satisfy my own curiosity I called Citibank.  I was told that they sold the account to CSI.  I called CSI back and I was told by a lady by the name of Denise Phillips that they did not buy my account and my account would be refered back to Citicorp within the next thirty days. In  talking to her supervisor, the same guy I had been negotiating with, he told me that it would not be refered back within thirty days. He also told me that they had not purchased my account. Hmmmmm I made a settlement offer of $1,500.00.  He said he could not accept that based on instructions from Citibank. I told him that I did not believe what he was telling me because Citibank said they sold them the account and if they owned the account, he could accept any figure he wanted to accept.  I explained that I checked Missouri law in reference to the maximum amount they could possible collect even if they received a judgement in Small Claims Court.  I am on Social Security and retirement.  They can not touch my Social Security. They can collect 25% based on the total amount of my retirement check.  He said they had options and I explained that I had options too.  My option, if they wanted to jack me around was to file bankruptscy.  keep in mind he said I would have to make three payments  based on their original offer.  After I mentioned bankruptscy, he agreed to accept 12 payments on the $1,715.96.  I am not through......he can bank on that.

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I have been getting at least 10-15 calls from 636-947-2321, I don't answer them and from what I'm reading, I won't be answering his calls.  Thanks everyone!
I have a better idea. Use SKYPE to call them back, at the same # they call you, 20-30 times a day. When you'll dial from your comp using SKYPE, it'll show the word "unavailable"  .Then you can tell them what you thinking about them and all the "proper" words they deserve for bugging you for so long !!!
This company had my home and cell number and apparently looking for some one else. I called them and my number was promptly taken off their records. We'll see.
I got a call from this number and they wante my social, address and other information and then they would tell me what it was about.  Like I'm going to give my social over the telephone.
This is a collection agency, Anthony is the guys name but BEWARE if you talk to them they can call forward your calls so that when someone calls you they get the phone calls. I dialed my own number from my own phone and they answered it! Saying that they did not do it. Also trying to retrieve a message from them my call was routed to their phone.
Yeah I too have been getting calls but they never leave a mesg saying who they are or who they are looking for as I also get tons of calls for people who are not myself.  so I let it roll to VM and delete the # off my call log. Caller ID and VM is a great invention.
Just have some fun with them. I do. call them names. tell them to prove the debt. Never admit to anything. If its a woman, ask her what she's wearing, how she looks. Then tell them you're black and Obama told you that help was coming and that he said you don't have to pay it.
diane waters
Just tell them they've dialed into a murder scene, and their call s now evidence.  You need their name and home number, or the police will be tracking them down and arresting them for aiding and abetting a murder.  If they are stupid enough to give thatout, then call them at 2 or 3 am whenever you get up to piss.

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