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Looked Number: 6302903139 | Area Code : 630 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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I received a text message stating "March break winner..you won 2 tickets on a free carribean cruise call 888-991-6409now!

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Second time receiving a txt from a 630 or greater Chicago area code, this time i won 2 tickets on a cruise lmao.   No registry here yet but guessin all of its a scam to somehow get your info and ID.
Just got a call from this #.
I've gotten too many calls from this number for several months.  Usually around lunch time.  The first messages: a guy in town pretends he's meeting for lunch and then later he calls that he's meeting buddies for drinks and driving around Schaumburg or flying  somewhere for the weekend. However, I dont beleive any of this is legitimate.  I've had over 30 calls--no messages from this number since spring 08 on a private number. Bizarre. I wish this would stop!
I picked it up and no one was there. I have been getting a lot of emails from places about my resume. I had on person call me and do a interview. He said he would help to look for a job. I have not heard from him. I have even called the place where he works but he is always way from his desk.
ex agent
the owner of the business is Grant Borncall the 630-261-3000 and enter ext 2222 to talk to him
I get calls from this number once a week. I reported today to the Do Not Call Register the last 5 calls in 4 weeks. When i call this number I get a recording and have twice left voice mail messages requesting to be removed from their telemarketing list. It goes on deaf ears. I belive it is now considered harrassment. What to do??
shoegirl16 - I agree completely!  It's ridiculous.  It's hard enough to find a job..and then you have to worry about people scamming you!
Repeated calls which I do not answer and they leave no message. Always come after a day of job searches so must be connected w/job posting. As if it isn't hard enough in these times to search for a job but now the scam artists are preying on the unemployeed when all we want is a job.
I get a call from 630-261-3000 every week.  I submitted my name for an online insurance quote for a school project for my daughter and they never stop!  I've explained the situation many times but they still keep calling.
I got the same call. A job scam sales thing. They see your resume online, and look for warm bodies. Block them on your cell if you can.I get the impression the HR manager was just another dope sucked in. Apparently there isn't enough business to justify hiring her full-time.

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