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Looked Number: 6232386013 | Area Code : 623 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 6232386013

Today I got this call for the first time. I didn't recognize the number and as soon as the answering machine picked up, they hung up. So, I looked the number up online and found this board first thing. So, here's what I intend to do. First, I am going to contact my telephone company regarding this number. Second, since I am on the Do Not Call Registry, I am going to contact them. However, since they do not seem to be telemarketers, I'm not sure if this will work. Last, I am going to block their number. However, BEWARE! For several days I kept getting a call that only said "Out of Area". I didn't answer figuring if it was someone I knew, they'd leave a message. Finally, out of sheer aggravation I answered and it was a recorded message about some guy who was coming to our area to give prayer shows and wanted to lay his hands on me. I hung up and now I suddenly get this number showing up only 2 days later. Same people? I think so!

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I keep gettng calls from this number several times a day, up to 9:00 p.m. at night. I did not recognize the number and did not answerFinally, one day I answered and said "Hello" and no one responded.I tried calling the number back and it rings continuously.
just hangs up after a couple of seconds, get these *%!# calls everyday
yes they called me to in the morning,but i never answer it.this was about a week or so ago gotten about 4 calls.
Same thing - I work for a large company, and everyone in my department received one of these calls.  Nobody answered on the other end.  It is B.S.
They have called my cell twice no,  same thing,  no response when answered.  I suspect they are using a computer system to dial multiple numbers at the same time and the system drops all calls after the first answer.  Very annoying.
Common Grounds
I am the owner of a Bistro/Coffee House, and I have been getting this call at my Business for over a month now every day always at lunch or early morning. Sometimes up tp 5 times a day. The caller always hangs up. When I try to call this number I get a busy signal. I am VERY tired of this caller.
Unlisted Texas Cellphone
I received this call twice this week to my cell phone, which is the only # I have.  I hear a bit of background noise and then a hangup.  I've tried calling it back a few times just to get a dropped call before it ever rings.
This number has called once each night for the last four nights.  Tonight was the first time that I got to pick it up...and the caller promptly hung up.

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