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620 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 620 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 620 Series

620-393-1010 Anonymous
2018-01-31 17:49:28
credit card call
620-720-9775 guest
2016-07-06 18:11:25
scammer (typing on keyboard heard on recorded message left by scammer) phone call
620-605-1343 hanna
Just stop the text messages.
620-605-1343 A**le
620-605-1129 Carmen
Got a call from this number.
620-605-1113 Scam
Re Stop 2Endand it turn out to be just another company to get you with a Payday Loan to which I do not want.
620-605-1113 Scam
Got a text message from this number this morning saying:This Mon and Tues you can get up to 2500www.ACapnet.com24 mo. Repay Easy to ObtainRe Stop 2Endand it turn out to be just another company to get you with a Payday Loan to which I do not want.
620-605-1113 Stephen
Well, did you apply for the loan?  If not it's spam!
620-605-1113 Diana Johnston
ok, is this spam or what???
620-605-1113 Diana Johnston
yes i recieved a text alert offering me a loan for 2500. dollars, am interested in the loan.
620-605-1113 AuntieMB
Got a text message from this number this morning saying:This Mon and Tues you can get up to 2500www.ACapnet.com24 mo. Repay Easy to ObtainRe Stop 2EndOf course I didn't respond or go to the website, because I might get charged. But just so that everybody else knows, here you go.
620-604-9637 Dan D
Me too - got a quote from esurrance.com 2 weeks ago.  The phone started ringing in less that 2 hours and went on for days.  I tapered off to nothing the last 3 days, but then I got a call, no message from this number.
620-604-9637 Brandon S.
I'm a lil nervous now after hearing your guys' stories.. i was looking for medical insurance last week. and today i got a call from this number. All the guy did was ask meif my name was brandon nd i said yes nd then he has me if my last name was correct nd when i said yes he hung up, I tried calling back 4 times but all i get is the busy tone. I thought if you called  1-888-382-1222 it was supposed to put you on a do not call list nd it was illegal for telemarketers to call u?
620-604-9637 Mark Grimes
I get phone calls from this number but no messages. It has happened several times.
620-604-9637 Keith
This is a so called insurance company.  They are VERY rude.  They call 3 - 5 times per week.  When you ask them to remove you from there dailer they either say "ok" and dont or they just hang up!  Stay away from these people as in many blogs / sites all over the internet they are reported to be scammers.
620-604-9637 WTH
I too was looking up insurance and now gettin flooded with phone calls from whatever outfit this is.....i looked it up and found it was out of Kansas....
620-604-9637 Sherri
Seriously?  I was just looking for dental insurance and now I am being absolutely inundated by out of state and 800 numbers just like this number that call me all damn day long!!  They start at 802AM and go till 859PM for the last 4 days!! Arrrrghh!! I wish I'd never tried to look for dental insurance!! This much harassment should be freaking illegal!!!
620-604-9637 FEDUP
Got a call from this number just a few minutes ago. yesterday I ws online looking for health insurance. didn't answer this call. It is now one of  many that can call, but I do not herar it ringing. this type of call needs to be stopped and illegal. Any ideas?
620-604-9637 cathy dixon
I have too. I was looking for insurance to help me with one of meds i live off of cause its to expensive with no insurance and from 1pm to 8pm i had over 70 from everywhere. I was so mad they said i had to tell each one to take me off their list. I am still getting them from the same place but differne t numbers. As soon as i told one lady the same area code called me
620-604-9637 Peter
Did anyone go online and attempt to get a quote for heath insurance?  I did that a few weeks ago and have been contending with calls from this number and a plethora of others.
620-604-9637 Sandy
I get calls from this number every day.  I usually won't answer if it's a number I don't recognize but I did pick up once but no one answered.  I have put the number on lock so it won't come through any more.
620-604-9637 Donna
received a call from this number today,saying they were a ins. company. since i had been looking at outside company's to go to i listened.,quotes seemed reasonable.  til they wanted a deposit today an i said i couldn't do it.  They had my Mastercard number which i have now shut down.  This Business or whatever they call themselves is not on the level.  Lucky for me my accounts have been safeguarded.  I did call the number back, first time was busy an next time no one answered.
620-604-9637 Angeles
Everyday I get calls from this number and no message from them.
620-604-9468 Timothy
Continuously calls and leaves no message.
620-604-9414 Oanh Nguyen
This number has been texting me with nasty and dirty sexual messages. I have repeatly tell him to stop and he just keep on doing it more. Help!!
620-603-9202 Lindsey Pudmaroff
hi..A friend of mine gave me ur number :) Said u were hot! lol Add me on skype if you wanna chat bb.flirtz.. was sent go me in early December.  I did not respond but would like to find put I'd someone has hacked into my phone. If at all possible I'd like a response Thank you.
620-603-9202 Sativa
+16206039202: hii..a friend of mine gave me ur # :) said you were hot!!! lolz Add me on skype if you wanna chat lucky_squirtyy 7:19 AM
620-603-4892 Jacob
Who is using this number?
620-603-0652 Cristian
Called and left no message.
620-602-0879 MB
Yes, two calls - one on 2/8/12 & 1/25/12.  No messages left and I did not call back (didn't want to "confirm" my number).  Apparently, being on the No Call LIst is not a deterrent....

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