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617 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 617 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 617 Series

617-000-0000 Anonymous
2017-10-20 01:23:21
I recently got laid off from a job I worked at for 17 years, due to the company's financial problems. We went three weeks with no paycheck, so I went on-line to the Dept. of Labor in Boston and sent in all the required paperwork that was required. Approximately two weeks later, I was told they couldn't take my situation on, but suggested Small Claims Ct.. The other day, I received a voicemail with this number on my cellphone. It sounded on the level, but this gentleman was letting me know that there's an event in Boston toward the end of November, and there would be several lawyers there willing to take cases like mine. No harm in checking it out as long as I know the event does, in fact, exist.
617-665-2997 Anonymous
2017-09-05 15:03:35
Cambridge Health Alliance. School Nurse
617-259-1303 Jim O
2015-06-15 01:29:20
I'm on Social Security disability I talked to them the other day there's no way they call about anything they said the other day that all the information can be gathered on their one main number or online at Social Security site. No program either
617-259-1303 Reily
2015-06-15 01:26:41
SCAMMERS. DON'T CALL OR TEXT BACK PLEASE PASS ON TO elderly also. POS Can't work for their own money.
617-745-5070 professional business
2015-02-17 23:53:27
keep getting calls, no messages left. several per week from this "Granite Communications" I've given my number to have them stop calling me, several times, but they still call.
617-284-9389 Davey Wavey
2015-01-31 21:51:06
It's tufts asking for money
617-259-1591 cellphone
They left a message on my cellphone..it was something about if you are on SS and make $700 you are still entitled to some other types of payments...I hung up after that as I don't receive social security benefits.
617-259-1591 Crystal
Same here - I answered - no one there - busy when I try to call back.Probably a scamming company looking for when people answer their phones!! Grrr!
617-259-1591 j
they didnt say anything. when i call back the line was busy
617-259-1590 Jen
They left a voicemail.  It was an automated message saying something about a program for social security beneficiaries.
617-259-1590 marvin clinton
I have been getting calls from this number and when I answer the phone and the people on the other end do not say anything its like they just be holding the phone and never say anything and once I hang up the phone and try to call the number back its always buzzey all the time.
617-259-1575 Jennifer R. Ewing
I'm on disability.  This was a robocall inviting me to sign up for the "Ticket to Work" program, which allows ppl earning below a certain amount in Social Security to continue to work up to a certain income level.
617-259-1575 Not Happy
Calls, then never says anything!!!      I have no Debt, so how can they be calling me??????
617-259-1575 Ticked
This is one more "cover number" for Santander - auto finance company.  They call from Drive Financial, XO Interactive also, all in violation of the Texas Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
617-259-1342 Tom
Found the number on my caller id.
617-259-1341 GHV
Rec'd call from this number; Caller ID said "Take Charge, LL". No one responded when I said hello 2x. Shouldn't these types of companies not be allowed to call on Sundays?
617-259-1341 Nick Benz
Caller ID says "Take Charge, LL"Left some message about being a contractor for Social Security disability.  No one in this household receives SS.
617-259-1341 Marcuza Zyingnameistone
its a social security work ticket program automated recording, poor recording I might add.  Uncertain with the authenticy and validity of the voice message, so due diligence if you go forward
617-259-1341 hanguponum
It is a telemarketing company, I didn't listen to much but it sounds like crap to mem
617-259-1341 Tormentas
617-259-1341 Tormentas
Called, did pick up. Boston, Ma as ID. I live in Texas.
617-259-1340 Ready to Kill
Automated Call.Would not release phone line when I hit talk, then hung up.Just Kept Ringing until my Verizon Voice Mail. They Claim to be a Social Security Contractor and leave a message about if you are a Social Security Beneficiary, are on Disability and earning up to $700 (or more?) per month.Well something along those lines....But the number they ask you to call is 1-866-701-1700Here is another 800notes link for this companyhttp://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-701-1700
617-259-1340 Yohan
Automated call from a 3rd party regarding Social Security's Ticket to Work program.
617-259-1340 ashley
they keep calling
617-259-1339 Daniel
repeated calls
617-259-1338 Aimee
I got a call from his number out of the blue and they left no message.
617-259-1337 Chris
I got a call today from 617-259-1904 TAKE CHARGE LL. Here is what I found About Take charge  AmericaTAKE CHARGE AMERICAAdditional #'s  800-823-7396, 877-357-6309, 623-266-6100Contact #  866-822-9948Fax: 623-266-6465 (for account management)E-mail: mhall1@takechargeamerica.orgAddress:20620 North 19th AvePhoenix, AZ 85027-3585Website: https://www.takechargeamerica.org/free-debt-review/get-help/Type of Buisinsess: Credit Counseling and Money ManagementFrom Their website:Take Charge America is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We assist individuals and families in all 50 states. Our services include Credit Counseling, Debt Management, Housing Counseling, Bankruptcy Counseling and Financial Education. If the call you received was about social security benefits it is not from TAKE CHARGE AMERICA it is probably a scam. if you are on disability you may receive calls from the work ticket program which is sponsored through social security they leave a message  with a number to call. caller I.D for these calls do not show TAKE CHARGE LL in fact it may not show any name or info. just the number.
617-259-1337 Robert F
We got a phone cal from Take ChargeLL and wonder how they got our number but I got a feeling is that someone hacked into our PC for inside information and that's how they got our number.
617-259-1337 Larry
SS scam. Not really SS. Don't answer or just hang up.  Called me about 4 times in the past year because I answered once.
617-259-1337 Kevin
I contacted Socail Security about the phone call from this number and they said they have know idea what this was about. It is some kind of scam so DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION AT ALL!

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