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610 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 610 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 610 Series

610-227-5380 Anonymous
2018-04-19 17:50:35
It was me Brandi you idiot!!! LOL!!!!
610-208-5190 yoda
2015-05-19 19:35:26
tell santander to f""off and suck my d""
610-826-9095 Jz
2015-02-18 21:25:23
I try to call the number back and get no answer that's weird
610-931-2899 Donald
Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.
610-931-2786 denise
caller was looking for information
610-931-1672 anthony
610-930-5140 kaileena
Atlas Construction StaffingKeeps faxing to our office. Sent an email to request stopping the faxes. Fax does not have return fax number on it. If this persists, will take further actions.
610-929-7400 steven
caller id could not identify the caller.
610-929-2732 Jordan
Left nothing on the answering machine.
610-927-6217 Chris
Answered with no response then they hung up.
610-927-5936 kat
610-927-5811 Judy
Left no message
610-927-1234 Olive
Called, unknown number
610-924-7745 Bruce
I got this text too, also on 10/23.  Wonder how he got my name along with my number.  Did not respond.
610-924-7745 cellphone
Got a text from this number with the message "hello u there? Haven't heard from u in awhile".  Did not respond after looking up area code and don't have friends in that area.  Must be a bad dude!
610-924-7745 another cell phone user
I just got a call like Brenda's above, but I did not reply.Who is this call really from?Deleted it and did not respond.
610-924-7745 brenda velez
is said " hi brenda you there? havent heard from you in awhile."i answered back " who is this and it replyed" ha ha if you wanna know who this is you got to add me on yahoo messanger my name is textchick70"and that was it.
610-924-7745 cell phone user
spam text message received from this #
610-924-7310 Grace M.
Calls more than once per day.  When calling back recording says disconnected line.
610-924-7309 SDE
They try to contact me at least twice a day on my cell phone and I'm sick of it.  They never leave me a voicemail.I was able to get through to them once the other day with Google Voice.  A woman picked up from the call center and represented herself as working for a locksmith company.  Today when I try to call them I just get hung up over and over again.  I tried to call into that number with multiple VOIP accounts at the same time and she is able to hang up on most of them.
610-924-7309 JM
Relentess. I am so frustrated. They call twice a day and never leave a message. I have answered and asked to taken off the list and they called AGAIN today. Hopefully this time the message gets through.They are an energy company calling to help "reduce your energy bill" but their practices are shady. Asking for me by first name as if we're friends. Their second question was whether or not I was on government assistance. None of their business!
610-924-7309 T
Same here... It's beeping happening to me also... I so I called it back with a block number and it doesn't allow you. So u said screw it I called back and it sounds like a jacked up fax machine...
610-924-7309 Lori
Have called me everyday this week without leaving a message...who are these people?  If they won't leave a message, my guess is a telemarketer??
610-924-7308 annoyed
after reading these replies I see that this person is annoying the whole city! I have gotten 20 call in one day!!! No message. I tried calling the number thinking it was a friend or family member in trouble. Never the less, I got a message stating that the person was on the other line! Blocking the number is my next move. Even though I am on a "don't call list", it don't seem to deter these people from calling.
610-924-7308 Christopher Kowalsky
This number keeps calling repeatedly nonstop several times a day. I haven't answered the phone to speak to whomever is calling, but I would assume if I'm never picking up, they would stop calling , but no. It's become annoying that I had to block the number.
610-924-7308 PhilM
Scammer calling in my area code trolling PECO energy accounts.
610-924-7308 sick of these morons
These idiots have called 7 times in last 2 days, and at least twice a day every day for the last couple weeks, what part of stop calling and leave us alone do they not understand...I'm about ready to report them to the better business bureau.
610-924-7308 RE: Sons of b*tches
Called again at 1:10pm..I don't know what to do at this point. They call EVERY day at 1-3pm.
610-924-7308 p-----off
got this call and they hung up if you are going to call someone at least talk dont be a jerk or a** about it we are on the do not call list and they do not pay attention. sick and tired of it .
610-924-7308 B
I got six calls within an hour and a half the other night and they didn't leave any voicemails. I finally called back several times to return the favor and it went straight to voicemail saying that the person was on the other line. I'm sure they were busy harassing other people.

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