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603 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 603 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 603 Series

603-574-4801 Anonymous
2018-02-06 23:34:13
Calls three to four times a day and leaves no message
603-689-9683 Anonymous
2017-09-18 21:39:02
Just got a call from this number. No voicemail left.
603-780-4053 Maeve
They will not give you the purpose for their call unless you provide them with your personal info.
603-780-4012 Kara
Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?
603-780-4008 Joseph
Keeps calling. Who is it?
603-780-1135 BLUE
603-778-4874 lilo
Who is this caller
603-778-1913 B.L.
calling my cell hpon e and leaving voice mails, which I do not pick up voice mail. My number is on the do not call list
603-778-1913 rk
Ring, ring.  Reject incoming call.  No VM.
603-776-7006 Alexis
I got calls from this number but never a message.
603-773-9900 suzkata
Noah Tremblay Architectural MillworkRailroad Ave Newfields, NH 0385660377399006037739910FAX]Noah Tremblay Architectural Millwork is offering Woodworking,Window Replacement and Paneling in Newfields, NH.Woodworking,Custom Cabinets,Window Replacement,Paneling
603-773-6146 binyt
left message
603-772-9256 Mary
Liberty LiveryPortsmouth, NH 03801713 State St6037729256http://www.libertylivery.com/We provide entertaining, accessible transportation for families, individuals, and groups. Our travelers control their own adventures in comfort and dignity.Transportation Service, Handicap Transportation, Handicap Transportation Services, Nursing Transport Services, Limousine Service
603-772-8918 me
who is this
603-772-4279 paula
Claims to be a fertility clinic asking for used condoms to be mailed to them.
603-772-2378 be back
603-770-4318 dk
weird call, don't know anybody in 603
603-769-7706 a unit
sketchy text message
603-769-7097 Sleepless
Recieved a text message at 5:25am saying "Eww haha wrong number!"
603-769-4760 peggy63
It's a political add for Ron Paul
603-769-4760 SCGLMG
Called this number back and it said "sorry this number is not authorized in your system!" Who is calling us with this number all the time?
603-769-4702 George
Got a call last night and one this morning. I reported to the federal do-not-call web site, as many apparently have. I also used the web to file a complaint with the N.H. Attorney General's office. I suggest you all do the same.
603-769-4702 2 calls already today
I get about 10 calls a week from these jerks. I called back and got the "charity" bit and the recording mentions putting in your # for a "do not call", but then ends the call before you can put your # in. So annoying!
603-769-4702 sic of these ppl
these people are so annoyingand ive answered and they were thereoncei ask to be on the do not call listand they said no
603-769-4702 Tricia
Calls at least 3 times a day. Doesn't answer when we pick up. Doesn't leave anything on answering machine.
603-769-4702 Sue
Three calls in as many days.  Called back and a voicemail message popped up right away saying that they're calling to let people know about "various NH charities"...never states what that is.  Scam?  I think so, albeit an ineffective one as they apparently hang up when you answer the phone.
603-769-4702 LGHTNJR
Same thing ..... We have also received numerous calls from this number (603)769-4702 which end in a hang up after answering. Tried caling the number and reached a voicemail for a "Charity Fund Raising Center"?Can give your name and phone number on the voicemail to have the calls stop. We didn't, not leaving personal info on a voicemail with someone I don't know!
603-769-4702 Sheesh!
16 calls in 5 days from (603) 769-4702 ...  I'm sick of it!
603-769-4702 Michelle
Calls are coming in from this number. I am not answering. I am on the do not call list
603-769-4702 annoyed
Thanks so much for this site!  I'm sick and tired of not being able to answer my phone. I have a block installed that works well, am on the donotcall list, but still many come through. Often have to wait until I hear a recognizable voice on the machine before I pick up.  *69 is also an invaluable tool for getting these numbers. Guess I'd better activate that caller ID system!

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