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United States
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User Comments for 5742168907

We also got an email order for 3 wine cabinets from Mike Wilson and he wanted us to ship them toGeraldine Colwell at 232 Linkin Park, Accra Ghana 00233 through Von Jeffery at Meridian Freight.  I'm so mad I wasted so much time on design and emails.  But thanks to everyone's postings I'm only out some time.  Wilson just emailed me back to say that if I would not ship the cabinets he was too busy to do business with us.  Oh Well!!!

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Traci Miller
Mr. WIlsons contact from Meridian Freight, Von Jeffery, called once and blocked his number. We were cut off and he block it. He called from 324-373-9117.
Traci Miller
Had the same happen here. Mike Wilson called and wanted Wine Cabinets shipped to Accra, Ghana via Meridian Freights. I realized it was a scam when I could not get a return reply from the freight company. The phone number they used was 574-216-8907. The number is out of Culver Indianna. Thanks to everyone that has posted on these jerks!
We are a small tea company and have just experienced exactly the same things as above.  A man called Mike Wilson wanted over £3000 worth of tea accesories and shipping to Ghana.  See part of his email below.....Below is the shipping company's contact detailsName:Meridian Shipping CompanyEmails: meridianfreights00@cooltoad.com            meridianfreights00@yahoo.comContact person: Von JefferyDelivery AddressGeraldine Colwell232 linkin park,Accra,Ghana,00233.They are familiar with the port of delivery so kindly contact them.Let me know as soon as you hear back from them so that i can proceed to make payment with my credit .I look forward to your co-operation to establish along term business relationship with you.Don't fall for it, its a massive scam.
Got an email from Joshua Carter 1414jman@gmail.com wanting over 10,000 balloons sent to Zimbabwe within 2 weeks.  Raised my hackles on a number of levels, but I've had odd requests before.  When he called and said he wanted me to set up the shipping through my company, I called the State Department and the Commerce Department.  Am reporting him to the Consumer Fraud Department and have forwarded his e-mail to a company in Wales which works on shutting down "Nigerian Mail Fraud" groups and has been successful on many levels.  I looked up the above phone # and read the various reports here.  Thanks.  I won't be falling for it.Here is the shipping information he sent me:Thanks for the feedback,I do really appreciate it a lot,I have decided to go ahead with the order but at the moment,I will be shipping this order to a friend in Zimbabwe, The address is below and I have a shipping company in mind which I will be willing to use and their name is Global Shipping Company Ltd  .Their email address to contact them on my behalf is( info_globalshippers@cooltoad.com or globalresponds@gmail.com) I want you to send them an email with the quantity and dimensions  of the order not necessarily the weight because they can use the quantities to determine the estimated weight.Please make sure you attach the pick up and the delivery address to the email you you will be forwarding to the freight company.As soon as you get the quote kindly let me know by emailing me with the grand total which should be the price of the product and the shipping price so that I can make the full payment with my credit card.Please I want you to send an email to the shippers with the details below.1. Your company location address.2. My friends delivery address.3. The Quantities and dimensions  of the products.Delivery Address:Mr Mike HuddlestoneUrban St, Mt Pleasant,City:  Harare,Country: ZimbabweI will be looking forward to your reply.Best RegardsMr.Josh Carter
Had the same thing with Mike and Von!! Serious waste of time.Thanks for the heads up.

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