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574 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 574 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 574 Series

574-367-6388 Sam
Calling my house
574-367-0164 Irene
Left no message.
574-361-9243 Kevin
I answer they hang up.
574-361-5130 Charles
No one there...
574-361-1781 Janette
I do not know who this is?  This number text me and did not leave there name and who it was.  I ask them and called them no reply back. Email is mj6057@comcast.net
574-356-1026 Happy Home
I answered "hello" There was silence,So apparently I had to be the fisrt to speak so I said a few choice words hung up. Had my husband call it and it said this number is no longer in service. I think it's a nextel # looked it up on phone # reversal.
574-355-9663 Connie
I ignored the call.
574-355-6789 david spencer
calling late at night harrassing
574-349-3891 Ron
No one on the line.
574-344-7388 ashley r
574-344-7110 Jackee
His name is DeJuan Jackson and he will call all the time.  Throws a fit when he cant have his way.  He will cut your tires, break you windows and kick in doors.  He will take ur phone and break it just a darn nutcase.  Still lives at home with his mom.  Careful she lies for him too.  DeJuan is a brother to Diallo Styles and April Jackson.  His mother is Betty Jackson and his father is deceased. His father was killed when Juan was young.  His grandmother is Princella Styles.
574-344-6044 Cierra
I did not answer it.
574-344-6028 Ross
Called and left no voice message.
574-344-4700 Marty
Continuos calls for 4 months with deep whisper that sounds like "come over" or "come and have fun"  Uusally very early morning or during the night.  We never answer but they keep coming.
574-344-4700 luis
4real i got it when i was in class but i didnt answer.... but later on that day it called again i answered nd a creppy voice said that if was alone .....nd i hang up on that person and then it txt me 5 mins later saying that he can see me nd that he can see what im doin so i tell him what am i doin nd when i said that i was goin to turn off the tv nd txted back saying that i just turned off the tv so i really was scared at that moment......but now i know that i am never gunna answer those calls no more
574-344-4700 Audrey
Yeah I got the same call on 18 Nov 2008 and I didn't answer either.
574-344-4700 none
got a call - didn't answer it
574-344-4700 Sheila
I answered, not sure who the call was from.  No response on the other end at all.  I let it sit for about thirty seconds of me saying "hello?" and then hung up.
574-344-4700 CRC
Just received a call from this number.  Loud music and static in background at first and then a recorded message in Spanish.
574-344-4700 BewareOfTheEmu
This number just called my cell phone twice in the last 5 minutes... of course I didn't answer... and they didn't leave a message either.
574-344-4700 RWS
Did not answer, they left no message
574-344-4700 icequeen
I got the call at 7:28pm eastern time... and i loev in toronto !okay..so its just telemarketers then
574-344-4700 Nicole
every once and a while i get called from this number.....its really annoying and i feel like someone is stalking me!
574-344-4700 SW Florida
3rd time I've been called by this number. I registered my phone on the do not call list so I've filed a complained at www.donotcall.gov.
574-344-4700 Craig Cantin
Got it on my Rogers cellphone. An automated message saying "Hello. You just won a free trip to Cancun, Mexico.  Please press '1' to claim your prize."Obviously, I didn't press 1, and hung up.
574-344-4700 GLO
me too I have AT & T
574-344-4700 15743444700
so did i what the hell.....
574-344-4700 Amber
i just got the same call from the same number
574-344-4034 mj
calls and says he is from U.S. Pharmacy and is shipping my order.  I never ordered anything.  Then he asks what medications I am taking and what medications I want.  I take nothing and want nothing.  They keep calling and call from different numbers.  Not sure how to get them to stop.
574-344-4034 Dan Clemetns
Has called our office 20 times in two day,  I've a call log to show it.  They hang up after calling.  One time they stayed on the line for 6 min trying to update "yellow page info" and we had to cut them off as it was takeing too long

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