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562 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 562 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 562 Series

562-368-4328 Anonymous
2018-07-19 22:26:42
562-338-1382 Anonymous
2018-05-17 18:11:18
I keep blocking numbers from here and I keep getting calls. How many phone numbers do they have?
562-432-6951 Anonymous
2018-02-16 20:05:56
I received a call from this number from a heavily accented person telling me that there was a complaint in my name or someone complained about me. I couldn't understand what the person was saying. I figured it was a phone scam. I hung up and they tried calling back 3 times. I looked up the number and it says it's an FBI number from Long Beach, CA. So I called back and the phone was busy. It was weird so I decided to research it some more. It just seems improbable that the FBI would call me on my cell phone about something in Long Beach where I visited once over 12 months ago.
562-223-8879 Anonymous
2018-01-21 11:09:09
Texted by this number
562-546-2995 Lynda
Recieved a callfrom this number but do not reconize.
562-546-2956 Lydia
My caller ID showed this number.
562-544-7208 amy
I haven't a clue as to why this number called my phone.
562-544-6405 suzkata
Home Inspection Specialists - Home Inspection Companies Long Beach300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802-4825(562) 544-6405www.House-Inspect.comHome Inspection Specialists is a Home Inspection Companies in Long Beach, CA.Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Inspection Companies, Long Beach Inspections, Home Inspection Companies
562-544-4950 Mel
I just got a call from this phone number.
562-544-1886 pauline
Don't know who it is. Called my house line to get my cell number
562-544-0728 Kylee
A hang up call
562-544-0627 Allan
Appears as a missed call on my phone at work.
562-543-4566 Steve
Accident Attorney Rossmoor3162 Oak Knoll Dr Rossmoor, CA 90720562-543-4566We know how to help if you want to win a personal injury claim. Just contact us!Personal Injury, Personal Injury Lawyer, Accident Lawyer, Accident Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney
562-543-3926 All City Heating & Air - Norwalk
You can trust All City Heating & Air to provide you with a system and a solution that fits your needs. Heating And AC Repair, Air Conditioning Service, AC Repair, Heater Repair, Air Conditioning Repair Service.
562-543-2121 JJC/Poway, CA
Well, I got another call from this number today and it turns out that woman I was connected with after a delay wanted to speak with the person responsible for credit card services.  I told her not to call this number, and that we are on the Do Not Call list.  We will see if they get the message.
562-543-2121 JJC/Poway, CA
I get the same thing from this number:  NO ID, no one speaking, and then no response.  It must be telemarketing of some sort, or as said above bill collection, but we do not have nay Time Warner account(s).
562-543-2121 J S.
Getting repeated calls from this number w/no answer response from other end.
562-543-2121 Aguanga Cowboy
Just called. I can respect the free market system, and those who work for a living, but please don't ask me questions or try to get information, and insist that I be the one to answer them when I don't know how some departments work.
562-543-2121 I_Hate_telemarketers
Everyday I get a phone call from this number and it is just silence.
562-543-2121 UNKNOWN
562-543-2121 unknown
Called my work with no respose after several hello's then hung up
562-543-2121 grand nana
white pages  dot com says this is a land line from Compton CA of course the say there is more info if you pay for it
562-543-0569 Alfred
Yellow Pages rude scam:  Angela correctly asked to speak with me, but in the 3 seconds between "one moment please", and my picking up, she terminated the call.  Intrusive, harrassing  calls get reported.  This is a new number for these scammers, so if you are reading this, take the time to file with the FTC, as our complaints do add up.  So far only 3 days of complaints, the quicker we complain, the quicker they get the heat.
562-543-0569 x
Caller ID said "Unknown Name" and it gave me pause. I said hello..and the caller hung up.
562-543-0569 l f buck
Unwanted telemarketer.  Called 8/24/2011; 12:05 PM.  Hung up when I said take me off your list.
562-543-0569 sara
Called on my business line, left a voice message saying, "Hello?" Background noise sounds like a call center. CID = California Call.
562-542-6968 Rob
Missed a call
562-542-6524 Brad
missed the call
562-537-8170 Lilly
Received a phone call from this number. No message left.
562-537-7312 Funny Lady
Rec'd a msg from this place saying that they are farmers & merchants bank called number back and call drops after 1 ring.

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